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OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

If you have already completed the OSRS My Arm’s Big Adventure quest you know who My Arms is. But for the people that don’t know, I’m going to explain who he is now. First, let’s start by saying that OSRS Making Friends with My Arm quest is a continuation of the OSRS My Arm’s Big Adventure quest.

With that being said let’s talk about My Arms. My Arms is a very funny troll if you read the chat during the quest of course. In this OSRS Making Friends with My Arms quest, you’ll be escorting him to Weiss, a newly discovered troll town in the far north.

OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

Where My Arms will share his wisdom and will fall in love. That’s good and all but the other trolls would ask him to kill the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. So you must help My Arm get a grip on the situation and complete his objective. 

Quest and Skill Requirements From The OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

The quest requirements are My Arm’s Big Adventure, Swan Song, Cold War, and Romeo & Juliet. The skill needed for OSRS Making Friends with My Arms quest are:

  •  72 Mining
  •  35 Construction
  •  68 Agility
  •  66 Firemaking 

Items Needed

  • Saw
  • Bolt of cloth
  • 5 mahogany planks
  • Cadava berries
  • Combat equipment
  • Bucket of Water 
  • Rope, Pickaxe, Hammer 
  • 1 Trollheim teleport
  • Amulet of glory
  • Varrock teleport
  • 2 Keldagrim Entrance teleports or fairy rings

Troll Diplomacy

To start the OSRS Making Friends with My Arms quest go to the Troll Stronghold, and speak to Burntmeat. He will tell you that an important visitor, Wolfbone, has arrived and that they require your help. Wolfbone wants to meet with the mountain trolls to trade knowledge.

His leader, Mother, wants the mountain trolls to send an ambassador up to Weiss (that is the name of their town) to teach the Weiss Trolls their inventions, while Wolfbone teaches theirs in the Stronghold. Burntmeat has chosen My Arm to be the ambassador for the mountain trolls.

Now go to My Arm, which is by his herb patch, take the stairs south of Burntmeat, and climb the ladder on the wall north of Kob. You will see My Arm training Drunken Dwarf’s Leg to take over his role as the herb patch caretaker. Talk to My Arm, and ask him to meet you by Larry’s boat, north-east of Rellekka. 

The quickest way to reach Larry is by using the fairy ring code DKS, and then running west. You will find Larry standing in the same place that he was during the Cold War quest ( next to the transportation sign). Talk to him and ask him if you could borrow his boat.

Then a short cutscene will play, showing My Arm’s arrival. Speak to Larry again, and you and My Arm will sail to Weiss. Search the wrecked boat and you will find a pickaxe and a rope. Take the pickaxe and the rope, talk to My Arm and after which try to go to the mine entrance.

OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

After you fail to enter into the mine, climb up the rockslide, and then use your rope on the tree. Climb the rope, go across the ledge and climb the rockslide then pass the fallen tree. Once you’ve reached the top you will see a small cutscene, go speak to Boulder who is standing in the way of the gate. 

Of course, he will not let you in so go east of him and sneak in through the gap in the fence. You will enter an instanced version of the city with trolls throwing rocks at you, which will knock you out of the city if they hit you. To pass safely try to stay on the bottom side of the path and try your best to not get hit by the rocks.

Another thing that may help is to spam click side to side so the rocks can’t hit you. Your goal is to reach the dungeon sign and enter the dungeon Hole. Once inside, click on the narrow gap to the south, near the body of water. Follow the path and swim through the water, again avoiding the thrown rocks. 

At the end will be the mine entrance that needs to be unblocked for My Arm to enter, requiring 72 Mining. However, before he can enter, a path of five stepping stones needs to be created in the water for My Arm to walk on, conveniently provided by the trolls above throwing their rocks into the water. 

To create this path, first swim to the other side. Click the square you want a stone thrown to, and then move one square away when you see the troll’s throwing animation begin. Continue this until the path is completed, then boost up if necessary, mine the rubble, and let My Arm walk in. 

The trolls cease attacking and will take you to the city’s leader. Mother, his bodyguard Don’t Know What, and his inventor assistant Odd Mushroom. He also has a daughter, Snowflake, with whom My Arm falls in love. Once Mother asks what My Arm has to offer to the trolls of Weiss, pick every chat option possible. 

Mother will be uninterested in any of the offerings My Arm has to make any business with Weiss, and he is adamant that trolls only need to be concerned about physical strength. He also wants his daughter to marry Don’t Know What, who would inherit the throne once Mother dies. 

You have nothing to offer to Mother, so she kicked out you and My Arm. Talk to My Arm, and pick every chat option. You will learn that the trolls of Weiss once lived further south near Keldagrim, and was driven away by a then-young Wise Old Man.

Eventually, there’s gonna be a plan devised to let My Arm impress Mother by faking the killing of the Wise Old Man. 

Faking The Wise Old Man Death (from the OSRS Making Friends with My Arm)

Make your way to Draynor Village where you will have to talk to the Wise Old Man. Ask him to help My Arm. He will initially refuse, but after reminding him of you saving his life during Swan Song, he will agree to help you.

He will ask that you build a mahogany coffin and have the Apothecary brew a cadava potion that is suited for his age. The coffin can be built next to him, and you will grant 715 Construction experience.

Go to the Apothecary in Varrock, and have him make a reduced cadava potion. Return to the Wise Old Man and talk to him. He will then drink the potion and “die”. Pick up the old man’s coffin, and go back to Weiss, and speak to My Arm. 

You can avoid climbing the rockslides by entering the cave you cleared out earlier, which takes you directly into the city. My Arm will now offer the Wise Old Man’s “corpse” to Mother, but he doubts its authenticity due to a lack of battle wounds. 

OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

Odd Mushroom will attempt to persuade Mother to accept My Arm into the tribe and have Snowflake marry him, but Mother is still set in his ways, claiming that she needs to marry a proper troll like Don’t Know What.

The Wise Old Man will then break wind, convincing Mother that this is all a trick. He will then lock you, My Arm, Snowflake, a mortally wounded Odd Mushroom, and the now-awake Wise Old Man in a cell. 

Talk to Odd Mushroom, he will tell you that Mother has lit a Fire of Domination, which drastically increases his strength and prevents teleportation magic from working, indicating his intention to kill everyone. 

Odd Mushroom will instruct you to find his notes where he writes down his inventions so that Snowflake can carry on with his inventions. Shortly afterward, Odd Mushroom passes away from his wounds. Snowflake will then ask you to kill her father as revenge for killing Odd Mushroom. 

The Boss Fights

The Wise Old Man will break the cell door, and Don’t Know What will attack. Don’t Know What uses ranged attacks that can hit through protection prayers. He can be beaten by running around the arena while attacking with ranged and use your Protect from range at all times.

Also, Don’t Know What is very resistant to magic, that’s why melee or ranged attacks are recommended. Don’t Know What and Mother are vulnerable to venom (and poison) so you can use that as your advantage. 

After defeating Don’t Know What, you will have to fight Mother, who plans to kill Snowflake. For this fight, you must have your bucket of water so you can extinguish the Fire of Domination. Because the fire is making her strong and if you don’t extinguish the fire none of your attacks will hit.

If you die during this fight you will only need to fight Mother again, you will not need to re-do the fight with Don’t Know What. As well, if you already put out the fire, you will not need to do so a second time. Once Mother has switched to Protect From Magic, you have successfully put out the fire. 

Mother uses the same attacks as Don’t Know What, but also uses a melee attack that drains prayer. To easily beat Mother, use ranged, as well as Protect From Missiles and run away from her around the arena so she does not hit you with his melee attack that drains prayer. You can also use melee and not run away from Mother, but then you will have your prayer drained and you will be stunned.

A New Leader

After killing Mother, Snowflake will call all the trolls of Weiss and declare herself as the new leader of Weiss, with all of them in agreement, claiming she is much nicer than Mother. 

OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

She will then ask you to perform the wedding ceremony for her and My Arm. They will say their vows, and you will pronounce them as husband and wife. They will then perform the ancient dance of love. After the ceremony, Snowflake will ask you to fetch some goat dung for her. 

Goat dung can be found in the north-east building. You will need a bucket to pick up the dung. You should still have it from the fight against Mother. If not, simply pick up another bucket next to the large barrel of water.

Return to Snowflake, who will make two herb patches just west. One to grow goutweed, and one for you. She will then give you Odd Mushroom’s Weiss fire notes, which contain the information required to light braziers. Read it, and speak to her once more.

Rewards From The OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

OSRS Making Friends with My Arm
  • 2 Quest points
  • 2,000 Construction experience
  • 5,000 Firemaking experience
  • 10,000 Mining experience
  • 10,000 Agility experience
  • Access to the Salt Mines
  • Ability to build fire pits
  • A new disease-free herb patch in Weiss 
  • Ability to direct a teleport room portal to Troll Stronghold with a combination of salt
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