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OSRS Minigames Step by Step Guide – What are OSRS Minigames

When you hear the word minigames what is the first thing that comes to mind? In this article, we are going to discuss, What are OSRS Minigames? Why do people play them? What is the benefit of playing OSRS Minigame? We are going to answer all of these questions and much more. 

What are OSRS Minigames?

osrs minigames

OSRS Minigames are small integrated into OSRS games that you or a team of players are set to complete a certain objective, they are very much like quests but there is a difference. 

If you want to play minigame you have to look for a red star Minigame icon.png icon  on the map. OSRS minigames are classified as Safe and Dangerous, I’m going to explain in more details what that means. 


There are two types of safe minigames: first is safe combat, and the second is no combat. When you play OSRS minigames in safe combat and die from monsters or other players you will respawn in a designated area in the minigame with all your items.

Minigames with no combat have no monsters or PvP areas, so you cannot be killed from them. However, if you are poisoned outside the minigame area, and after that, you do not cure yourselves when entering the area, you will die from the poison. 


OSRS Minigames who are classified as Dangerous the regular death mechanics will apply for them. So if you die in a dangerous minigame you will have one hour to get your items back considering you’re in the same world where you died. If you don’t make it in time you will lose everything that you have in your inventory.

Minigame Group Finder

The minigame group finder is a very useful tool, from which you can select a minigame from the drop-down menu and be entered into a chat channel to help you find other players. 

You can find the minigame group finder from the Quest List tab, you will recognize it by this Minigame-icon.png icon. The important thing to know is that you cannot be in two chat channels at the same time when joining the minigame the chat channel will automatically remove you from any channel that you were in previously.

osrs minigames

Also, the minigame group finder can teleport you to various minigame locations, this teleport has a 20-minute cooldown and cannot be cast from PvP worlds, the wilderness, in a player-owned house, or the Duel Arena. 

Know that the teleport cooldown within the minigame group finder does not share cooldowns with the Home Teleport. Selecting the desired OSRS minigame gives you the option to join the official clan chat as well as an option to teleport directly outside of the minigame.

Why do people play OSRS minigames?

It is safe to say that the players are interested in minigames because they are designed to entertain them, and at the same time allow players to gain experience and rare items.

OSRS Minigames are divided into different categories safe and dangerous, also some of the minigames focus on certain skills. You can play them solo and as a team, another interesting thing is that in the minigame you can play PvP or play versus monster. 

These minigames involve the use of combat skills to fight players or monsters. Also, there are minigames focused on certain skills to achieve a goal. For example, two minigames are featuring both combat and the use of skills. All of these reasons are enough to pull in so many people to play them, and maybe you are interested in playing minigames as well. 

What is the benefit of playing OSRS Minigame?

Now let’s talk about the benefits of playing OSRS minigames, when you complete a quest after that you can’t do the same quest again, but minigames are not like that. You can repeat minigames over and over as much as you want. 

Playing minigames will give you experience and items. The nice thing about minigames is that each of them gives different rewards and the other gives skills. Of course, every player, whether F2P or P2P, has the right to choose which OSRS minigame to play, it all depends on your needs.

To give you an example, OSRS minigames like Fight caves can give you the Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape who are the best in the Cape slot for melee. Fight caves also give a +2 Prayer bonus and some pretty good Defensive and Offensive stats.


Whatever one says about OSRS minigames, they remain a very good addition to the game. Some people say they are boring, others say they make no sense and are a waste of time. One thing I understood for sure in this article is that it benefits from OSRS minigames. Many osrs players take advantage of the fact that people underestimate their value, don’t be one of them.

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