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OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

The OSRS Misthalin Mystery quest is very short but interesting because you have to solve a crime. In the OSRS Misthalin Mystery quest you must help a woman named Abigale, she seeks help for her injured boyfriend Hewey who has been attacked by an unknown stranger. 

Your only clue of what happened is that they’ve been to a house party in a spooky mansion on a faraway island, and then they were attacked. You have to find out who is the attacker and stop him before he can hurt somebody else.

OSRS Misthalin Mystery

For the OSRS Misthalin Mystery quest, you don’t need any skill or quest requirements. You don’t have to equip anything or have items in your inventory when you start this quest, because all the items are obtainable during the quest.

Items Needed for The OSRS Misthalin Mystery

  • Bucket 
  • Tinderbox 
  • Knife

Investigate The Victims

OSRS Misthalin Mystery

Start the OSRS Misthalin Mystery quest by speaking to Abigale, who will ask for your help after being attacked by an unknown figure on a nearby island. Board the rowboat south of them. Head through the gate, directly west is a fountain. Pick up a bucket next to the fountain. 

Go north of the fountain to trigger a cutscene, where Sid is murdered by the Killer. Use the bucket on the barrel of rainwater, and search it to obtain a manor key. Go to the front door and use the key to open it, inside you will find a table with two chairs. 

Pick up the knife from the table and head north, then open the eastern door to go inside the little room. This will trigger another cutscene, where Tayten is murdered by the killer hiding in the wardrobe. Before returning to the wardrobe, he slides a note under the door. 

OSRS Misthalin Mystery

Pick it up and read the note, the riddle in the note refers to a painting found in the adjacent room to the southwest on the east side of the room. The painting has mountains, a blue river, and the sun on the horizon. Use the knife on it, and search it to find a ruby key. 

The doorknobs on the doors throughout the mansion will indicate the appropriate key that opens them. Go into the eastern room and take a tinderbox from the shelves. Light all four unlit candles in the room, and you will get a message the room is warm enough to dry the fuse attached to the barrel of explosives. 

Then, use the tinderbox on the barrel next to the damaged wall. Exit the room to trigger the explosion. Climb over the damaged wall and go around the house until you reach an NPC, this will trigger another cutscene, where Lacey is tied up. 

The Killer will ask her the name of the vampyre who lives in South Misthalin, but you will have to choose the answer. But none of the options matter, so pick any. She will die and the Killer will leave another note. Pick it up and read it. 

This riddle refers to a piano that can be found in the north-eastern corner of the manor (music). Enter the room through the damaged northeastern wall. The Killer wants you dead, so play the notes D-E-A-D on the piano, and search it to find an emerald key.

OSRS Misthalin Mystery

Now go back into the house by climbing the damaged east wall, and go to the north-western room. Open the door with the emerald doorknob where the first note was found. Attempt to open the kitchen doors where Mandy is found, and another cutscene will begin where she is killed by the Killer. 

Once again, the Killer will leave another note, pick up the note and read it. The last riddle refers to the unlit fireplace in the eastern room, go out to the southeast room (the damaged wall room) and enter the north door. Use the knife on the unlit fireplace to reveal a panel of switches inside the hidden compartment. 

The correct solution corresponds to the final letter of each sentence. To open the compartment, click on the gems in this order: Sapphire – Diamond – Zenyte – Emerald – Onyx – Ruby. Search the fireplace once more to find a sapphire key. 

The Fight Against the Killer

You must go to the most south-western room (or the room next to where the painting was) and open the door. After the cutscene is over you will start fighting the Killer, who will hide in the three wardrobes in the room and throw knives. 

OSRS Misthalin Mystery

The only way to deal damage to the Killer is by pushing the mirror in the room and having it face the wardrobe he is found in. To predict in which wardrobe he’s in, you must look for a brief black shadow surrounding the wardrobe. 

After defeating the Killer, you will discover that the killer was Abigale all along! She complains about how adventurers always take all the glory from her when she tries to help others every year. However, another killer appears and reveals himself as Abigale’s boyfriend, Hewey.

Then Abigale argues with Hewey over her selfishness, and in her anger, kills him. Pick up the killer’s knife and attack Abigale. As you attempt to leave the manor, Abigale attempts to kill you but is stopped by Mandy, who survived due to her having dextrocardia, where her heart is located on the right side.

Speak to her outside the mansion to collect the rewards which require 3 empty inventory slots. Quest complete!

Rewards for Completing OSRS Misthalin Mystery

  • 1 Quest point
  • Uncut ruby
  • Uncut emerald
  • Uncut sapphire
  • 600 Crafting experience
OSRS Misthalin Mystery
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