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OSRS Monkey Madness

OSRS Monkey Madness is a sequel to The Grand Tree quest and you must help King Narnode Shareen. He sent his Royal Guard named “the 10th squad” to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja. 

OSRS Monkey Madness

They got lost and now you must help the King to find out what happened to the 10th squad and if possible, track them down. This, of course, is not going to be an easy task to do, because there is a bigger mystery that you need to unravel. 

Requirements and Items For This Quest

Before you start this quest you must complete The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village quests. Let’s move on to the items needed for this quest:

  • Gold bar
  • Ball of wool
  • Monkey bones or a corpse from Karamja which you can take during the quest.

Recommended Items:

  • 43+ Prayer 
  • Antipoison potions or Antidote++ potions
  • 5 Stamina potions or energy potions
  • 4 Prayer potions
  • High healing food
  • Weight-reducing armor
  • Emergency teleport (a ring of life works as well)
  • Ardougne cloak 1 or Ardougne teleports 
  • 8 ring of dueling to bank 
  • Weapon to kill the level 195 Jungle Demon
  • Lockpick

OSRS Monkey Madness – Chapter 1

To start this “Monkey Madness”, you have to Talk to King Narnode Shareen. He will tell you to investigate Glough’s old shipyard for any trace of the missing 10th squad and will give you the Gnome royal seal. 

Go to Karamja and take the glider at the top of the Grand Tree to Gandius. If you don’t have monkey bones, then kill a monkey around the fence and take the bones. Enter the Shipyard located north of the glider landing site and talk with G.L.O. Caranock, a gnome that can be found in the building in the southern area of the Shipyard, by the fence. 

OSRS Monkey Madness

When you finish talking with him, return to the King with the glider. The King will give you some orders and tell you to speak to Daero. There is a bank within the Grand Tree so use this time to bring some food, antipoison potions, and any other items to survive Ape Atoll. 

Talk to Daero on the first floor of the Grand Tree, near Blurberry Bar to the east. Go through all the chat options and then tell him you’re prepared to leave. He will blindfold you and take you to an underground hangar. Talk to Daero again who will introduce you to Waydar. 

Then, you will have to solve a “reinitialization” puzzle. Do this by clicking on the panel to the south-east by the southern glider. You can also take some spare controls from the nearby crate to view the solution.

Solve the sliding puzzle.

  1. Begin by moving the 1, 2, and 3 into their proper positions in the upper left corner.
  2. Position the 4 in the upper right corner.
  3. Move the 5 under the 4
  4. Now slide the 4 to the left and the 5 up, the first row is done.
  5. Repeat this process with the next row, leaving the row above intact.
  6. The pieces in the last two rows then need to be solved together, working left to right, completing the last rows as 2 tiles high columns.

If you can’t solve the puzzle or do not want to spend your time with it, bring 200,000 coins and go to Glough. Pay to Glough to solve this puzzle for you. After you solve the puzzle you will see a cutscene, go talk to Daero, and then you have to talk with Waydar.

You and Waydar will make a landing on Crash Island, where the 10th Squad crash-landed. Next, ask Lumdo to sail to Ape Atoll. He will refuse to take you, so talk to Waydar but be careful because he is next to poisonous scorpion to his left, you have to wait for Waydar to walk back west to avoid the scorpion. Speak with him again, and he will now agree to take you to Ape Atoll. 

OSRS Monkey Madness – Chapter 2

Run west sticking to the southern coastline until you reach a mahogany tree, at this point you should run north. You must reach the third mahogany tree and activate Protect from Missiles. Continue slowly north until you get hit by poisoned arrows and just wait until you are put in prison.

Turn off your Protect from Missiles and drink an Antipoison or Antidote potion, speak to Lumo one of the captured 10th Squad members. Stay one square away from the northern cell wall if the guards are in front of it, or else they will punch you for 10-20 damage. 

The guard will patrol twice throughout the prison, then leave to rotate shifts. As the guard moves away from your cell door, picklock the door until you succeed. Once out, as the guard is walking out to switch, walk behind him to reach the exit. Note that this may take several tries. 

Go north of the jail, then east until you see a big temple. When you are in the grass, the monkey archers do not fire but activate Protect from Missiles anyway. Travel south, run in the jungle grass. 

Run around the castle counter-clockwise, east, until you are between the two buildings and you have to stand on the eastern side of the smaller building. Here you should find Garkor, the Sergeant of the 10th Squad, and talk to him. 

Make sure to get all the way through the dialogue to the point where he tells you to go meet Zooknock. Go north, then sprint west to the grass with Protect from Missiles on. Continue west behind the buildings in the grass until you reach the doorway to your north. 

OSRS Monkey Madness

Enter inside this house and stay on the dark brown ground or you may be sent back to jail. The spiders inside are aggressive and poisonous, but their poison only hits ‘1’ so you should save the antipoison. There are bananas in the southwestern crates next to the ladder. 

Staying on the dark brown, step east and north, and search the stacked crates towards the middle of the room to get the monkey dentures. The sleeping guard is a non-threat so long as you don’t talk to him, otherwise, he will call for guards. Search the south-eastern crate and where a prompt appears. 

You will take damage if you drop down into the cavern below, so heal up if necessary before entering the cave from OSRS Monkey Madness. Your Agility level also has a chance to take damage. Travel to the north-west part of this cavern, and search the crates to acquire the monkey amulet mould.

OSRS Monkey Madness

At this point you should go for supplies from your bant, just use your ring of dueling to teleport to any bank you want. Take your gold bar, ball of wool, Antidote, prayer potion, stamina potion, and a lot of food.

Return to the Grand Tree and then to Ape Atoll. Travel to the south of the island, west of Lumdo, and enter the tunnel with this (Dungeon icon.png) symbol on the map. Within the dungeon, you must travel through a long, winding underground path. 

Activate Protect from Melee as you make your way toward the north passage, and turn it off when you’re not near any enemies to save prayer. You will be hit by rocks, indicated by the screen shaking and a rumbling noise. The rocks can be avoided by sheltering under the multiple grey areas on the map above.

The claw traps near the end of the dungeon can be easily avoided by stopping one square behind them and then running through. The plank is not needed, but can also be placed on the flat rock. 

In the end, talk to Zooknock then use your monkey amulet mould, gold bar, and monkey dentures on him. Make sure you are given an enchanted bar before leaving the tunnel. You MUST talk to Zooknock again! 

Teleport, and bank if necessary. Return to Ape Atoll, and continue north-west until you are placed in the jail cell again. Escape the cell as before. Travel east towards the temple door. Now, you must descend down through the trapdoor to the east in the temple. 

Activate Protect from Melee to avoid attacks from the powerful monkey guards. Most of the guards can be run through, but the ones with beards near the trapdoor cannot. The easiest route is to go upstairs, then climb the ladder down on the east side to get close to the trapdoor. If you do not, you should wait until the guards walk away. 

Hide in the north-east corner of the temple until there is enough room that you can descend. Be careful not to get surrounded or cornered by the monkey guards, or you may be unable to escape. The ladder near the trap door can only be climbed up from the EAST side. 

You can also restore prayer points if needed at the monkey altar. Go down the trapdoor, still praying against melee. Ignore the monkey zombies, and quickly use the enchanted bar on the wall of flames. 

Travel back up the ladder, when you reach the second-floor return back to the southern ladder climb down and exit the Monkey Temple. Go north and use Protect from Missiles, once you reach the jail avoid the poisonous scorpions and run west until you see a grey building on the mini-map.

Enter into the building and stand in the northwestern corner and you will be in a corridor that is going to a banana garden. In that corridor make your Monkey speak amulet by using a ball of wool on the amulet and equip it.

In the banana garden from OSRS Monkey Madness, you will find a Monkey Child. The Monkey Child is being patrolled by The Monkey’s Aunt. She follows a path that loops around the wooden house by the garden. 

Do not enter the banana garden when the monkey’s aunt is present or she will call for guards to arrest you (if this happens, you can escape by quickly climbing up the ladder in the building beside). 

Wait for the aunt to walk away, pick five bananas from the nearby trees, and then speak to the monkey child four times. Wait for a few moments in the corridor, then return to the monkey child when the aunt is away. Ask the child to borrow his Monkey talisman.

Teleport to the Bank for the necessary items and make sure you have the monkey bones and teleport again. Now you will be heading back to Zooknock through the tunnel again. 

Return to Ape Atoll, run through the tunnel for a second time, and use the monkey talisman and the monkey bones on Zooknock. After a brief delay and conversation, you will get a greegree.

OSRS Monkey Madness – Chapter 3

Return to Garkor, and speak to him in monkey form. Then, with the m’speak amulet equipped, talk to the Elder Guard near Garkor, and he will tell you to speak with Kruk. Go back to the gate into Marim. Climb up the western hill, then up the bamboo ladder and cross the bamboo bridge. 

Speak to Kruk and he will take you to King Awowogei. Speak to Awowogei and offer an alliance. He will ask you to rescue a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo. Do not teleport while you have the greegree with a full inventory, because it will be dropped and lost if you do. 

Then go to Ardougne and enter the zoo. Equip your greegree and talk to the Monkey minder, who will place you in the cage. Speak with a monkey (that has a “Talk” option) to take it into the inventory. Unequip the greegree and speak to the Monkey minder again. 

He will let you out. Travel by foot to the Gnome Stronghold, and climb up to the first floor and talk to Daero, after that go to Ape Atoll as usual. Any method of teleportation will result in the monkey leaving your inventory. Return to Ape Atoll. Do not forget to equip the greegree. 

Speak to the king again. The monkey will automatically leave your backpack and Awowogei will consider an alliance. Speak to Garkor again to start Chapter 4. 

OSRS Monkey Madness – Chapter 4

Speak to Garkor and he will give you a 10th squad sigil. Do not equip it until you are ready for the final battle! If you lose your last sigil, you must speak with Garkor again, who will send you to Waymottin at the end of Zooknock’s tunnel.

Bank in preparation for the Jungle Demon fight. Ensure you have full prayer points and health. Bring good food, and a one-click teleport out just in case. Protect from Magic is crucial, and should ideally be turned on just before you teleport. 

Bring an antipoison as well for the post-battle sequence. The Jungle Demon is best defeated by using a Dwarf multi cannon, by ranging/maging, or by luring the demon into the 10th Squad gnomes.

When you are ready to fight, wear the sigil. You will be teleported to the Jungle Demon’s arena. Defeat the Jungle Demon to advance. The 10th Squad gnomes will be nearby to help you, but you must hit the final blow yourself, or the demon will heal for 25% of his max health.  

Attacking with Magic or Ranged as well as having 37+ Prayer is recommended. There is a safespot in the arena across a bridge on the outside edge. From there, you can either range him or lure him into the 10th Squad gnomes, who can weaken him. 

Once the Jungle Demon is close to dying, with Protect from Magic still activated, go to the Jungle Demon and Melee it once and run back. This will prevent the Jungle Demon from using his Melee attack while he continues to hit you with Magic which you protect from. 

Standing still Strategy: once you are teleported to the arena will keep distance between you and the Jungle Demon. The demon from OSRS Monkey Madness will not move, and thus will not be able to approach you and use its Melee attack, which will result in you taking no damage throughout the fight as long as you keep your prayer up. 

After you kill Jungle Demon (osrs monkey madness), speak with King Narnode in the Grand Tree to finish the quest. Narnode will then redirect you to Daero for your training as a new 10th squad member, so go have a chat with Daero for the experience rewards.


OSRS Monkey Madness
  • 3 Quest points
  • 10,000 Coins
  • 3 Diamonds
  • Speaking to Daero after the quest gives the choice of either, 35,000 experience in Attack and Defence and 20,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints OR 35,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints and 20,000 experience in Attack and Defence. Returning to Ape Atoll after completing the quest requires undergoing Daero’s training.
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