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OSRS Monk’s Friend Quest Guide

The OSRS Monk’s Friend is one of the fun to do quests in Old School Runescape (OSRS). The OSRS Monk’s Friend quest doesn’t require you to have any specific skills or quests. At the beginning of the OSRS Monk’s Friend quest, you help the monk to find a stolen baby blanket.

OSRS Monk's Friend

First, you need to find the thieves and return the blanket, then comes the fun part to help Brother Omad organize the drinks for the child’s birthday party.

Items Needed

  1. Jug of water
  2. One regular log or any axe to chop down one of the regular trees nearby.
  3. Ardougne cloak 1

Child’s Blanket

OSRS Monk's Friend

To start the OSRS Monk’s Friend quest talk to Brother Omad at the monastery south of Ardougne next to the Clock tower. You can go there by using Ardougne Cloak 1 teleported or fairy rings with code DJP

Omad wants you to retrieve a child’s blanket, which can be found in a secret cave that is hidden under a ring of stones in the forest south of Ardougne. Exit the monastery and go south-west of the Clock Tower, where you will find a stone circle with a ladder in the middle of it.

OSRS Monk's Friend

Climb down the ladder, then take the first path south open the door, and at the end of the room (where the red dot is on your mini-map), you will find the child’s blanket on the table guarded by two level 14 thieves and a level 26 Head Thief. You don’t need to fight them so just take the blanket and teleport back to the monastery.

Go talk to Brother Omad to give the blanket back, he will be pleased because he can sleep now. Talk to Omad again, he wants to organize a party for a child’s birthday and Brother Omad needs the wine from Brother Cedric. 

Brother Cedric

Now you need to find Brother Cedric located close to the Ardougne zoo, next to the water sign. He’s very drunk and needs a jug of water to sober up. A jug of water can be found in the cooking shop in nearby Yanille, or the general store in Port Khazard. You cannot use the well next to Cedric to fill up your jug. 

If you need to fill it up, there is a sink just south of the monastery. To fill your jug, use the bucket on the ground by the well and fill your jug from there. Give the jug of water to Cedric to sober him up. 

Now, he only needs logs to repair his cart. Cut a log if needed, and talk to Cedric again. Be sure they are regular logs. Oak, willow, yew, etc. logs will not work. He can now repair his cart and wants you to go back to Brother Omad to tell him he is coming soon. Go back and talk to Brother Omad, who can finally go party.


OSRS Monk's Friend
  • 1 Quest point
  • 2,000 Woodcutting experience
  • 8 Law runes
  • Brother Omad will throw parties for you by speaking to him.
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