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OSRS Moss Giant – The Green “Terror”

The OSRS Moss giant is a large creature that look like humanoid trees OSRS Moss giants are popular for training in Free-to-play worlds because they are one of the few creatures that drop Big bones. OSRS Moss giants can drop the mossy key, which is required to fight the moss giant boss Bryophyta. 

osrs moss giant

OSRS Moss giants are aggressive to players and they have 42 combat, 60 Hitpoints, 30 attack, and 30 defense. AN OSRS Moss giant is weak against melee, magic and ranged attacks. 

They are sometimes given out by Vannaka or Krystilia as a Slayer task and you can get 60 Slayer experience per kill, but only if you are a member. OSRS Moss giants are very easy to kill but you should bring food if you are a lower level player and if you can safespot them if you need to. 

Location of an OSRS Moss Giant

You can find OSRS Moss giants in the Varrock Sewers and you will need a slashing weapon to slash the web to access the Moss giants. But if you have 51 Agility you can enter from Edgeville Dungeon, go pass the Slayer master and squeeze to the pipe, and into the Moss giant room.

Crandor is another place that you can find OSRS Moss giants and it is a very good place for Ftp players. Because there are only 3 OSRS Moss giants in Crandor and there are rarely any other players so you don’t have to worry about PKers.

The next place that you can find OSRS Moss giants is in Moss Giant Island, located just west of Brimhaven. But to enter you must have 10 Agility, this is an ideal location for Slayer tasks for members, just like Crandor this place will help you easily rack up the kills.

Here are the other locations that you can find OSRS Moss giants:

  • Brimhaven Dungeon 
  • West of Fishing Guild 
  • Pirates’ Cove 
  • Catacombs of Kourend 
  • Wilderness, by the pond reachable using a canoe
  • Iorwerth Dungeon 


OSRS Moss Giants can be used for exp or for a slayer task, but also you can kill them for mossy keys which are used for entering Bryophyta’s lair. This is it for today’s article, I hope you like it, good luck with OSRS Moss Giant and have fun.

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