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OSRS Observatory Quest Guide

Very often the title of the quests made by Jagex is giving you an indication of what you will be doing in that quest. Anyway let’s talk more about the OSRS Observatory Quest, the first thing that you should know is that this is a very easy, short, and fun quest.

OSRS Observatory Quest

The OSRS Observatory Quest has no quest requirements, during the quest you must help the Observatory professor to repair the Observatory in south-west Ardougne that has been ransacked by a family of nearby goblins.

Skill Requirements For The OSRS Observatory Quest

  • 10 Crafting

Items Needed For The OSRS Observatory Quest

  • bronze bar
  • Molten glass
  • 3 normal planks
  • Some food
  • Energy potions or stamina potion
  • Antipoison
  • ring of dueling 

Starting Point

OSRS Observatory Quest

To start the OSRS Observatory Quest go talk to the Observatory professor, located north of Castle Wars and south of the ZMI altar. Talk to him and ask if you can look through the telescope and he says that it’s broken. He tells you that a family of goblins has tampered with the telescope, so ask if you can help. 

The professor says that he needs some wood for the tripod, bronze for the tube, and glass for a new lens. Now talk to the professor three times (assuming that you have all the items in your inventory) to give him the three items he asks for. Talk to the assistant to find out where you can get the stolen lens mould. The assistant will tell you that one of the goblins hides it somewhere in the Observatory Dungeon.

Retrieving The Lens Mould

Go east to the dungeon sign, if you don’t have antipoison potions, you can pick up one Superantipoison (shown as a red dot on your mini-map) at the southeastern building. Climb down the staircase, once inside the dungeon go south and then southeast. 

OSRS Observatory Quest

Follow this path until you reach the end where you should find a chest. Open the chest and inside you will find a kitchen key if it’s not in this chest keep searching the chests in the dungeon until you find the key. 

When you have the key in your inventory go back to the staircase and take the northeastern path. Follow that path until you reach a small room with a sleeping guard. Right-click and prod the sleeping guard, then lure him north to the little stick-out wall so he can get stuck behind it. 

Once he is north, run back south and go through the gate. Next, inspect the Goblin stove and you will find the missing lens mould, take it and go back to the professor. His assistant will ask you not to give it to him, as last time the professor attempted to craft something, the explosion took a week to clean up. 

The professor agrees and gives you back the molten glass and mould. Use the molten glass with the lens mould to craft him a new lens. Give it back to the professor. Then he will want you to visit him in the Observatory.

The Observatory

Make your way back to the dungeon and go to the Goblin kitchen, from there follow the path west until the path splits. Then take the western path and go all the way south until you reach a staircase. 

Climb up the stairs and this will trigger a cutscene, after the cutscene ends, go up the stairs and talk to the professor, and then “view” the telescope to see a constellation. After closing the window, the professor should ask you which constellation you saw. 

The constellations are on wall charts in the main level of the Observatory. Identify your constellation, talk to the professor again, and you should get your reward in your inventory.

Rewards For Completing The OSRS Observatory Quest

  • 2 Quest points
  • 2,250 Crafting experience
  • Your item reward depends on what astrological sign you see when you look through the telescope. It is also different for each person. You will get one of these:
    • A maple longbow
    • Weapon poison
    • 3 law runes
    • An amulet of defence
    • A black 2h sword
    • A 1-dose super strength potion
    • 25 water runes
    • 3 tuna
    • An uncut sapphire
    • 875 experience in Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, or Strength (random)
  • The Spirit of Scorpius will now give you a mould to make unholy symbols, and he will bless them for you too. He can be found in the graveyard north of the Observatory.
  • Talk to the Observatory assistant after the quest and he will reward you with a jug of wine as well as tell you his and the professor’s real name.
  • Access to the grappling shortcut rock outside the Observatory.
  • Completing this quest awards the player with 5 Kudos which can be claimed by talking to Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum.
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