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OSRS Pirates Treasure

Usually pirates are known for drinking rum and looking for some treasures and in this quest it’s not that different. But if you’re a fan of pirates, you’re going to enjoy this quest. To find OSRS Pirates Treasure you must talk to the only man who knows where the treasure is.

That man’s name is Captain Redbeard Frank located on the northernmost Port Sarim dock. Talk to Redbeard Frank and he will help you find OSRS Pirates Treasure, but you have to bring him some Karamjan rum.

Items For OSRS Pirates Treasure

For this quest, you will need Karamjan rum, White apron, 60 coins (only 30 is needed if using a Ring of charos), 10 bananas, Spade. All of the items you can get during the quest, but if you have spade before that you will save some time.

The island of Karamja

Walk south on the docks to see three sailors. Talk to any of these sailors to board the ship to Karamja for 30 coins and exit the ship when you arrive in Karamja. Go west towards the Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers bar, you will recognize it by the beer glass on the minimap. 

Walk inside and trade with the bartender Zambo. Buy one Karamjan rum for 30 coins. Do not leave the island with the rum in your inventory, because Asgarnia has banned the import of intoxicating drinks, so the officers will take your rum away.

That is why you must walk to the hut east of the banana plantation and speak to Luthas. Ask for a job, and he will hire you as his worker. If you mention the customs officer, he says that his crates are not searched.

Agree to help him and go to the banana plantation beside his house and pick 10 bananas from the trees. Use your rum on the crate east of the hut to hide it. If you get a message saying “Why would I want to do that?” try logout and login again, and then try again.Next, fill the crate with bananas. You can use the “Fill-Crate” option to speed up this process. 

Once the crate is full, talk to Luthas and he will pay you 30 coins, which you need to pay the fare back to Port Sarim. Ask him where the crate goes, and he will tell you they go to a person named Wydin, who owns the food store in Port Sarim. Take the fare back to Port Sarim.

Back at Port Sarim

Leave the boat and go west to the fishing shop, take the white apron hanging up on the back wall. Head south to the food store, equip your apron, and ask Wydin for a job. Enter the back room and search the crate with a banana on top of it. You will find the rum, take the rum and give it to Redbeard Frank. 

Frank will give you a key to a chest that is upstairs in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Teleport to Varrock to look for the Blue Moon Inn which you can find by the beer glass on the minimap and is located northeast of the southern entrance. 

Go upstairs in the bar and find a chest in the room to the west. Use the key on the chest to find a pirate message. This message will give you a clue to the OSRS Treasure’s location, and make sure to read the clue. 

The Buried Pirates Treasure

OSRS Pirates Treasure

Travel or teleport to Falador, for this part of the OSRS Pirates Treasure quest you will need a spade. If you do not have a spade, you can find one in the estate agency south of Falador Park. Once you have a spade, go north to Falador Park.

There is a statue of Saradomin in the middle of the park. Notice the configuration of the dirt, which looks like an X. Stand in the middle of the dirt “X” and dig. A gardener will appear and attack you. Kill him, or run out of the park, and dig again in the same spot to get a casket and complete the quest.


OSRS Pirates Treasure
  • 2 Quest points
  • Ability to use the pay-fare option to and from Karamja.
  • Access to One-Eyed Hector’s Treasure Chest (contains a gold ring, an emerald, and 450 coins).

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