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OSRS Platinum Tokens – Say What

Today’s topic of discussion is quite interesting, some of you may be familiar with the topic, but some new players may not know and have not heard of OSRS Platinum Tokens.

Some of you are probably already wondering what is being done with Platinum Tokens could they be used to measure a neighbor with them? or maybe you can eat them? or build a house to live in? why not.

What is a OSRS Platinum Token ?

Platinum token is a currency in the game that has more value than normal money, and a Platinum token is stackable tradable item that can be obtained by using coins on a banker. Also, they cannot be used in the market and cannot even be used in the Grand Exchange. This is a very good way to store and exchange coins for a platinum token and free up space for more coins than the limit allowed. You may wonder why people need such a thing, and how to use it in-game.

How to Obtain Platinum Token ?

To Obtain Platinum Tokens you have to go to the bank and of course you must have coins in you. Without coins, you can’t get an exchange from the bank. Here is the point where I have to tell you that for every Platinum Token you have to pay 1,000 osrs gold to a bank to give them to you. You can also exchange Platinum Tokens for coins and vice versa Coins for Platinum Tokens. 

Bank chest or banker will exchange as many of the coins as possible for platinum tokens. You can also use another method, for example, it is possible to look for someone in the game who is very rich or friend in the game with whom you can exchange platinum tokens face to face.

Why is Platinum Token Been Used ?

Usually is used by players who have a lot of coins or money and have no room for more. Such a player does not have much choice, he has to buy high value items and keep them somewhere. 

But this often leads to big risks because the items in the game sooner or later lose their original value and then if he tries to sell them, he may receive a smaller amount than he bought them for.

So here comes the role of platinum tokens: they allow players to not worry about losing money on items that may lose their original value in the future. It is also used for players who are trading or staking for items that are worth more than the maximum cash.

 For example, the street value of an item may be around 4 billion coins. Since players cannot hold 4 billion coins at once, they can instead trade 4 million platinum tokens for the item, or a combination of coins and tokens to equal the amount. 

OSRS Platinum Tokens has another application you may not know, platinum tokens can be one of the components of building a Tip jar which can be built in a player’s house which once built can give you 651 experience.