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OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Another Cook’s Quest Guide

The OSRS Recipe for Disaster Another Cook’s is a very easy and short quest with very little requirements. Probably you can guess what you will be doing in the OSRS Recipe for Disaster Another Cook’s quest, but you don’t know that this will be the first of many other OSRS Recipes for Disaster quests.

OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Another Cook's Quest Guide

Anyway in this OSRS Recipe for Disaster Another Cook’s quest, you will be helping The Cook in Lumbridge who will ask you to bring him some ingredients for his culinary duties. But be careful because the last Cook’s Assistant who tried to help him end up being a Recipe for Disaster.

Quest and Skills Requirements

The OSRS Recipe for Disaster Another Cook’s quest has only one quest requirement, the completion of Cook’s Assistant quest. For the skill requirement, you will need to have 10 Cooking exp.

Items Needed

  • Rotten tomato
  • Greenman’s ale
  • Eye of newt
  • Fruit blast
  • Ashes

The Cook

To start this OSRS Recipe for Disaster Another Cook’s quest go to Lumbridge Castle and head to the kitchen. Once there, talk to The Cook and he will tell you about his predecessor Franizzard who cooked an amazing dinar at some very important meeting in Lumbridge Castle. 

Then he will continue by saying that this secret meeting keeps happening every 10 years, and now is his chance to become a great cook just like Franizzard. That’s why the Cook wants to recreate the meal Franizzard cooked, the one that impressed everybody. 

The Cook will tell you that he needs a newt’s eye, a Greenman’s ale, a rotten tomato, and a dirty blast in order to prepare for the centennial feast. If you ask him how to make a dirty blast, he will tell you to add ashes to a fruit blast. He will give you 100 coins to buy everything, and he will allow you to keep the change. 

Collecting All The Ingredients

You can buy a newt’s eye from every herblore shop, for example, you can go to Port Sarim and buy an eye of newt from Betty (located in the most northwestern building of Port Sarim with the black and grey tiles). Next teleport to Nightmare Zone, enter the Yanille city, and go northwest of the bank close to the cages. 

There you will find a crate behind a fence, click on the crate and buy one rotten tomato. Now go to the southwestern part of the city where you will find the only bar that sells Greenman’s ale. Enter the bar and talk to the bartender to buy the Greenman’s ale. 

Then go to the Gnome Stronghold, climb down to the first floor, run to the southeastern path, and east of the blueberry bar you will see a red dot on your minimap. 

Take the cocktail glass and next to the glass you will find Heckel Funch, from which you can buy one pineapple, one orange, two lemons, a knife, and a cocktail shaker. Click on the cocktail shaker and make Fruit Blast, use your knife on the lemon and slice it. 

Click on the cocktail shaker again and pour it into the Fruit Blast glass, and you’re done. It is possible to buy one on the Grand Exchange, as long as it isn’t a Premade fr’ blast. If you don’t know how to take ashes, go to the top floor of Lumbridge Castle, and next to the bank you will see some logs on the ground. 

Light any of them and wait until the fire is extinguished and you can grab the ashes from that fire. Use the ashes on the fruit blast to get a dirty blast. Once you have all 4 items, give them to the Cook and complete the quest.


OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Another Cook's Quest Guide
  • 1 Quest point
  • The invitation to the feast of a lifetime!
  • Access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest
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