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OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing Evil Dave

In this article, I’m going to talk about how to complete the OSRS Recipe for disaster Freeing Evil Dave quest. The OSRS RFD (Recipe for disaster) Freeing Evil Dave is a mini-quest that is part of the RFD subquests. During the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest, you will be asked by Dave to make him some kind of spicy stew. Of course, you won’t be able to make it alone so you will need help from his mother.

OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Evil Dave

Skills and Quest Requirements

For the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest, you will need 25 Cooking and the completion of the Gertrude’s Cat and Shadow of the Storm quests.

Items Needed

  • 9 Stews 
  • 1 Pet cat
  • 1 Edgeville Teleport     
  • 1 Lumbridge Teleport

Freeing Evil Dave

To start the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest go to Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect Evil Dave. Then Gypsy will tell you that you must make a very spicy stew but you have to take the recipe from Evil Dave who knows how to make it. 

After that, go to Edgeville, head to Evil Dave’s mother’s house located west of the back (the building with the cooking and water signs). Talk to Doris and ask where is Dave? and she will tell you that he is in the cellar. Climb down the trapdoor to enter the cellar and talk to Evil Dave, asking him how to make the spicy stew he ate. 

Dave will tell you that his mother made it, so go back upstairs and talk to Doris again. She will tell you that the hellrats stole all of the spices, so you must go back down to the cellar and use your pet cat to find them for you. Drop your pet cat, right-click on it, and select the case option. 

If your cat catches a hellrat, you will get a brown, red, yellow, or orange spice, which contains anywhere from 1 to 4 doses. When your cat catches 7 hellcats it will become a hellcat. You will need to collect between two and six doses of each spice, keep in mind that the amount needed is random for everyone.

Now you must construct the perfect stew for Evil Dave, which will be a stew that contains all four of the spices, but at different random values between 1-3. First, add one spice of any color to a stew and it will change color, right-click and use it on Evil Dave to read what he says. 

If he says, “one of the spices is correct, the rest is incorrect” which means the current number you used is correct. Write it down. If he says “none of them are right”, you will need to try again. 

Make a stew with two doses of spice in it. If it works, the correct amount of that spice is two. If Dave still doesn’t like it, you know the correct amount of spice is 3. You do not need to “confirm” it any further. Keep doing this, and eventually, you will find out 1 value for each of the 4 spices.

Make this final stew with the correct values of spice and give it to Evil Dave, and he will say that it is correct. He will not eat all of the stew this time. Make sure you finish the entire dialogue! Bring it back to Evil Dave in Lumbridge and make sure you do not eat the stew, or you will have to go back and get the spices again.


OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Evil Dave
  • 1 Quest point
  • 7,000 Cooking experience
  • The ability to catch hellrats to get a Hellcat
  • The ability to have your cat fight Hell-Rat Behemoths
  • The ability to add coloured spices to stew by catching hellrats (Spicy stews can boost and lower certain stats)
  • Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest
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