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OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing King Awowogei

In this OSRS RFD (Recipe for disaster) Freeing King Awowogei quest you must free king Awowogei who is at the table with the other members of the secret meeting frozen in time. This, of course, will not be an easy task to do. You will need the help of king Awowogei himself to be able to free him. 

OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing King Awowogei

Since nobody else seems to know what is the favorite food of king Awowogei. Will you be able to free king Awowogei? and how are you going to do that? Let’s find out during this guide.

Quest and Skill Requirements

For the OSRS RFD Freeing King Awowogei quest requirements you need to complete the OSRS Monkey Madness I quest. The skills needed for the OSRS RFD Freeing King Awowogei quest are 70 Cooking and 48 Agility. Also, it is recommended to have 43 prayer.

Items Needed

  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Pestle and mortar
  • M’speak amulet
  • Gorilla greegree 
  • Ninja monkey greegree 
  • Zombie monkey greegree
  • Monkey nuts or 5 coins
  • Ranged or Magic gear and food
  • 1 Antidote

Lumbridge Castle

To start the OSRS RFD Freeing King Awowogei quest go to Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect King Awowogei at the table. Then Gypsy will start talking to you and tell you that you need to give King Awowogei his favorite dish. After that Gypsy will suggest to you to ask King Awowogei what his favorite dish is. 

Now you need to go to Ape Atoll, the easiest way to go there is by using fairy ring code CLR. Also, you can use Ape atoll teleport but if you don’t have access to it, go to the Grand Tree and travel with Daero to a bunker. Where you can speak to Waydar who will take you to Crash Island and then talk to Lumdo to take in Ape Atoll.

Ape Atoll

Once you at Ape Atoll equip your monkey greegree and go northwest towards the city. Head to the king’s throne room located south of the big temple, talk to the Elder Guard to let you in, and then talk to King Awowogei. Ask him does he have a favorite dish and he will not tell you because this is sensitive information. 

Exit the throne room and go to the food store which is in front of the big temple. At the store trade with Solihib and buy one banana and one monkey nut. Then go east and enter the big temple, in the northwest part of the temple you will find three monkeys sitting beside each other.

Talk to one of them and then ask them if they know anything about the King’s favorite dish. They won’t tell you at first but you should tell them that you organize a secret party to celebrate the king’s birthday. The monkeys will tell you the recipe but you need to bring them some items. 

Speak to them again and they will tell you that the banana is a bad one and you need to get a red banana. Talk to them for the third time and the monkeys will say that you have the wrong kind of monkey nuts. You will have to harvest the nut of kings from a tchiki monkey nut bush.

Red Banana

OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing King Awowogei

Now you need to go west until you reach the shore, where you should see one red banana tree. To get the red banana, wield your gorilla greegree, as you’ll need lots of strength. 

Use your rope on the tree to get the banana. Use your knife on it to slice the banana in pieces, also take two more bananas as a backup in case you burn your dish.


Go to Crash Island, then run east and set your prayer to Protect from Melee is advised. In the middle of the island, you will find a dungeon sign. Climb down into the cave, kill more than one snake in case you burn your dish later, and take the snake corpse. Try to stay away from the walls as more snakes will appear and attack you. 

Tchiki Monkey Nuts

Now make your way to the fairy rings and use the code CLR to skip part of the Agility course. If you don’t have access to the fairy rings go back to Ape Atoll transform into a ninja greegree and go up the Agility course (Once over the bridge, head south-west near the cliff to enter the agility course. Continue on the course until right after the rope swing to reach the broken hut around a hole in the ground.). 

From the transportation sign go southeast until you see a swing, swing your self to the other side and enter the hole. Pick some tchiki monkey nuts from the bush, grind the tchiki nut into tchiki nut paste. You might want to create more tchiki nut paste since you might accidentally burn the snake. 

Cooking the Snake

After you have everything, slice the banana and grind the nuts, then stuff your snake with them to create a raw stuffed snake. Exit the cave and return to the monkey temple, click on the tropical tree to climb down. 

At the temple go to the south ladder and climb up, on the second floor go east and climb down the ladder then go down the trap door. Go downstairs and you will see a red mark on your minimap showing that there is a door. Go through it, and you will see a patch of hot coals. 

OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing King Awowogei

This is where you need to equip your zombie greegree, as the hot coals will prevent you from going to the other side. Go to the long rock on the floor, boost your Cooking level if needed, and then, cook the snake on it. It is possible to over-cook the stuffed snake. 

You will know if you successfully cook or burn the snake, as there will be an animation when you try to cook it. Travel back to Lumbridge Castle, and make sure your m’speak amulet is equipped. Right-click the stuffed snake, and use it on Awowogei If you eat the snake, you’ll have to get another one.


OSRS Recipe for Disaster - Freeing King Awowogei
  • 1 Quest point
  • 10,000 Cooking experience
  • 10,000 Agility experience
  • Ape Atoll Teleport spell
  • Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest
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