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OSRS Shadow of the Storm – Quest Guide

Sometimes questing can be very difficult and stressful, that is why we (Crazy.gold) are trying to make your life easier by making this OSRS guide. This guide is for the OSRS Shadow of the Storm quest, which is the plot continuation of the Demon Slayer quest.

OSRS Shadow of the Storm

In this OSRS Shadow of the Storm quest, you will see how an evil group of dark wizards is trying to summon the mighty demon Agrith-Naar. But instead of trying to stop them, you will have to help them summon the demon and then kill it once and for all.

Skills and Quest Requirements

There is only one skill needed for the OSRS Shadow of the Storm quest is 30 Crafting. The quest requirement is the completion of The Golem quest and the Demon Slayer quest.

Items Needed To Complete The OSRS Shadow of the Storm

  • Silver bar
  • Silverlight
  • Black colored item like black wizard hat, black helm, black shield, black gloves, dark mystic, Ghostly robes, or any black cosmetic item from treasure trails
  • Strange implement 
  • Black mushroom ink (or an empty vial and a pestle and mortar)
  • 2 Shantay passes
  • 500 coins
  • Weapon, food, and armour 
  • Ring of dueling or Amulet of glory

Al Kharid 

OSRS Shadow of the Storm

To start the OSRS Shadow of the Storm quest you must go south of Al Kharid Bank and talk to Father Reen. If you do not have a regular Silverlight, he will give you an uncolored Silverlight free of charge. 

Now you must go to Shantay Pass south of Al Kharid and buy from the Shantay Pass shop 1 Desert shirt, 1 Desert robe, and 1 Shantay Pass. Take a magic carpet and go to Uzer, then head to the clay golem and talk to Father Badden. Tell him that Reen sent you, ask him what do you want me to do? and How can I do that?

When the conversation is over go inside the dungeon and run northeast to take some black mushrooms. Pick up 3 mushrooms, use your pestle and mortar on them and use your black mushroom ink on the Silverlight to make it into black Silverlight. 

Make another black mushroom ink and use it on the Desert shirt and the Desert robe to dye it black. Go north, equip your black desert shirt and robe, and the third black item of your choice. Next to the portal, you will find Evil Dave, talk to him, and tell him that you want to join his group. 

He will let you through the portal and will take you to the leader of the group, Denath. Denath will tell you that to be able to summon Agrith-Naar you will need to memorize the incantation that you need to use for the ritual. The incantation that you will see is random for everyone so you need to write them down somewhere.

The Ritual

Go talk to Jennifer to get a demonic sigil mould, then talk to Matthew about Josef. He will tell you to find the book that Josef dropped to defeat the demon. Go to Al Kharid furnace and use the silver bar on the furnace to make a Demonic sigil. 

Run to the bank to prepare for the Demon fight, the most important items that you need are the blacklight, demonic sigil, and food, everything else is up to you. Talk to the Clay Golem who is standing outside the dungeon and he will tell you that Denath killed Josef, but not before Josef hid the book in the kiln outside. 

Outside the dungeon there are 4 broken kilns, 3 of them are closer to the dungeon entrance, the 4 is north of the magic carpet merchant. After you have found the book you need to speak with Matthew in the throne room. Read the book and then talk to Matthew, he will read the book and tell you that the incantation for summoning the demon that’s written in the book is backward to the one that Denath told you to say.

Denath will call you over and say that it is time to begin the ritual, everyone will stand in a circle and you must make the first step. Use your Demonic sigil and say the incantation that Denath told you. Denath will walk into the center of the circle and go into another dimension. 

Denath was Agrith-Naar all along, and you summoned him by saying the incantation backward. Pick up the sigil that Denath dropped and go through the portal, you will see how Tanya will get killed by ghosts, so take her sigil. 

Then you will see that Eric will be killed by falling stones. Talk to Evil Dave and tell him that he needs to return to the lair. Dave will give you Eric’s sigil, now go northwest and take the strange implement. Head back outside of the dungeon and talk to the Clay Golem. 

He was programmed to never help summon demons, so use the strange implement on the Clay Golem to take out the scroll about demons. Talk to the golem again, and he will agree to help you now and will take one of the demoing sigil. Talk to Father Badden and he will also agree and take one of the demoing sigil, next talk to Father Reen and he will help you as well. 

The Boss Fight

Go back into the demon’s lair and talk to Matthew to get everyone to stand in the circle. Then, chant the incantation with your sigil in the order that you read in the book. Agrith-Naar will appear, very angry that you summoned him and he will kill Matthew, then attack you.

Agrith-Naar can cast Fire Blast at a distance and uses both Melee and Fire Blast up close. If you use prayer, he’ll automatically use the attack that you don’t protect from. However, you can potentially have full protection by using the protection from magic prayer and standing two squares away from Agrith-Naar. 

If you are standing two or more squares away, he will telegrab you within his melee attack. You can kill him by safespot him by standing behind one of the torches close to the circle you were standing in during the ritual. That way he will not be able to reach you and just use the hit and move tactic until his health level is almost gone. 

Immediately switch your weapon to the Silverlight because the final damage has to be done with it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to kill him. Once the demon is dead, simply unequip your Darklight and select a skill on which you want to get 10,000 exp in and you will complete the quest.


OSRS Shadow of the Storm
  • 1 Quest point
  • 10,000 experience in any combat skill other than Prayer.
  • Silverlight turns into the Darklight sword – it has a special attack and is even more powerful against demons. It costs slightly more to replace.
  • Six cut gems: two sapphires, two rubies and two emeralds if you used a hammer and chisel on the demon’s throne.
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