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Why And How To Train Slayer

OSRS Slayer

There are three reasons why you should start training OSRS Slayer instead of grinding endlessly any other skill you’re trying to get to 99. 

There are three reasons why you should start training osrs Slayer instead of grinding endlessly any other skill you’re trying to get to 99. 


 You can make a lot of OSRS gold when you start slaying high-level monsters like Nechryeals. The kind of gold we’re talking about is getting 600-800k per task from slaying Gargoyles. High-level monsters give many drops you can sell but there’s always one big item, f.e. Abby demons drop some stuff like runes and rune gear but the main drop is something like a whip which costs a few million gp. 

Earliest you can expect good drops is at level 60 though because that’s when you unlock Aberrant Spectres which gives great herb drops. If you don’t mind taking on some extra risk, you can make OSRS gold at any slayer level on a Wilderness Slayer task. Basically you kill monsters in the wilderness and this gives you the chance to obtain a Mysterious Emblem. They’re used for the Bounty Hunter minigame but you can just sell them at Grand Exchange and get good money.

2. You get a lot of damage bonuses and great leveling gear.

3. Dual training.

You receive massive amount of xp for different skilles while you’re grinding Slayer. In some cases you can get better xp/h for your combat skills that way than if you do it in the traditional one. 

Sounds good? Keep reading then so you can learn more on training Slayer effectively.

How to train Slayer?

The usual way to go about it is to get tasks from highest-level Slayer master which is allowed by your Slayer level because in general the higher the level, the more experience you gain. There are a few exceptions to this rule though. Another important thing to know about getting tasks is that by default Slayer masters give you assignments based on your combat level but you can speak to them to get different tasks regardless of your combat level. 

If you’re very low-level, it’s best to tackle Krystilia first. She doesn’t have a level requirement, all you have to do is perform at least 1 task before you approach her. You get to kill monsters in the wilderness and her tasks reward 25 points each, as opposed to other Slayer masters that reward only 15 per task, even the highest level ones.

You can use the points to unlock essential things like the Slayer helmet and Slayer ring and to get the autokill ability. You can also get the Bigger and Badder perk which allows you to get Superior monsters on your tasks. They give you a lot of Slayer xp and provide valuable drops when defeated, such as the Eternal Gem. Another useful thing to do with your hard-earned Slayer points is to block or skip the tasks that give you bad xp/h. It’s actually best to keep enough points to cancel more than one assignment in a row in case it’s just going to waste your time.

How to access new tasks?

You may actually come across some monsters during a quest or in random locations, but you won’t be able to use them for a slayer assignment if you don’t complete the necessary quest for them. There are fifteen quests which unlock different kind of monsters.

Another way to access new monsters is to pay for them with Slayer points. The task unlocks usually apply for high-level Slayer Masters.

Blocking and Skipping tasks

In order to do that and avoid tasks that are not profitable and waste your time or simply ones you don’t enjoy doing, you need to have 50 quest points as well as 100 slayer points. You can block the task once you’re assigned with it. You get 5 slots for blocking and might add a 6th one if you complete the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary. For toggled tasks, you just cancel the toggle and the task and you won’t be able to obtain it anymore.

The block can be applied to Fossil Island Wyverns but you need to have 500 slayer points. It’s significantly more expensive than the rest but you get the ability to freely toggle on and off the block at whim.

Most players prefer to wait for the highest level Slayer Masters – Nieve and Duradel, before they start blocking, because their tasks take the longest. 

Skipping is a temporary pass on an assignment you don’t like. However, unlike with blocking, you don’t get to make the task go away forever. It costs 30 points each which is too much of a waste for a temporary function. If you have already purchased the items you need and blocked the tasks you don’t want, it can actually be a good thing to spend points on. 

A word on equipment

The biggest decision you need to take on melee tasks is whether to get an abyssal whip or a zamorakian hasta. In general the abyssal whip does a better job but the zamorakian hasta is better for certain tasks like Dragons. Another option for those who train strength is a saradomin sword.

For the melee tasks it’s best to use max strength gear such as Bandos armour. In some cases, such as waterfiends, you may need more defensive gear like Barrows armour.

Some assignments like fighting spiritual magi and dark beasts require the use of prayer, so using a saradomin godsword or Guthan’s set may spare you a lot of food and osrs gold. Prayer boosting gear like proselye or Initiate can give you a higher prayer bonus and reduce the amount of prayer you drain. 

Something you really wanna get for training Slayer is the Slayer helmet, it’s much better than a black mask. You get face and nose protection and the imbued variant gives you great bonuses. 

Dragon defender is a better option than Dragonfire shielf because of the large bonuses you get on accuracy. The Dragonfire one is good for defensive bonuses and works best on dragon and wyvern tasks.

The dwarf multicannon

The assignments in which a dwarf multicannon can be used are highly desirable for any player who wants fast xp rates, aside from dust devils. If you don’t mind spending OSRS gold and prefer to focus on getting experience quick, cannoning all possible tasks is recommended. Using the dwarf multicannon make long and tedious tasks such as hellhounds and suqahs pass very fast and with great xp rates. 

The best strategy it to find a good spot from which you can attack one monster with double cannon shots. This leads to a huge increase in xp/h. 

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