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New OSRS Updates in 2020

Here are 2 of the OSRS Updates we will cover:

Phosani Nightmare and Tinted Hitsplats

What is the new update? First we start with Phosani Nightmare below the town of Slepe has a dark tomb. Therein lies Phosani, the leader of the Sisterhood, He is cursed to sleep for all eternity. But if you visit the Nightmare you will awaken the still air of the catacombs. Behind this heavy stone door, Phosani began to dream …

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When you start playing Phosani Nightmare, keep in mind that this is a solo boss who has to deal with Phosani Nightmare by entering the portal to Phosani casket. This version of Nightmare is tougher and scarier than you think, and you’ll have to take it alone.

If you choose to confront the Nightmare, you will have to try to kill it as quickly as possible. You will ask Why? Because it has to do with the time-consuming rewards you will receive.

If you decide to fulfill the Fosani Nightmare, significant rewards will await those who are brave enough to try the challenge. The fastest global kill time will earn 6 months membership in Old School RuneScape and a signed artwork featuring The Nightmare. 

Second place will receive 3 months membership and third place will receive 1 month membership. You can check again the fastest time of the tombstone near the coffin of Fosani.

Are you worried to do this quest? If yes. Don’t worry anymore, because now I’ll give you some tips and tricks. This Boss has much more KO potential than the Original Nightmare as well as the drops are exactly the same.

Note the drop table is no different than the Original Nightmare, even though the boss is harder to kill you are still going to get the exact same drop you would get the Original Nightmare form.

The boss makes lots of damage so you need to switch your prayers, because if you miss he is going to hit much harder than the original. The second thing you should know is to avoid he’s special attacks.The sleepwalkers that he makes during the fight spawns two sleepwalkers if you happened to kill only one of two you will take a 52 hit , if you miss both it hits 99 damage plus.

Tinted Hitsplats

The community of OSRS has been asking to be changed the hit boards distributed by other players be colored in a slightly different color to make it clear which hits are yours from 2016. 

Now this update make it possible and you will see it in the game the feature will be switchable. Developers promest that in the future, they will upgrade the colored hit charts to include different colors for max hits and different battle styles.

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In this update they includes change in the PvP rotation world has moved to period A. In the eastern Atlantic, the high-risk PvP host will be W43, Germany. To the west of the Atlantic, the host for the standard PvP world will be W24, USA, and for the world P2P F2P, W117, USA. Worldwide members only LMS will be W333, UK and F2P LMS world will be W469, USA.

In the osrs news – the W330 undergoes maintenance changes and will be unavailable for a short time after the game is updated. Removed a problem where pets won’t show up and therefore can’t be safely removed in the F2P world for activities like Last Man Standing. 

From now on, once you enter the F2P non-membership world, your pet will be placed either in your inventory, bank, or Probita pet store, provided it is insured.

In the event that the Probita repository is also full, the pet will remain out and you must return to the member world to decide what you want to do with it. If your pet is not insurance, it will be removed, whether you have a place or not.

My advice is to check out the new osrs updates, see what you like and don’t like in the game. I also advise you not to underestimate the Phosani Nightmare and the exact benefit of the rewards you will receive from the performance of this quest. Do it and see can you complete it fast enough to beat fastest global kill time, don’t be afraid from a little competition. And if you want to beat the competitors, you can buy some osrs gold.