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1-99 Prayer Guide Osrs – Start Now!

Prayer Guide OSRS

Welcome to the complete 1 to 99 prayer guide OSRS! Here you can find information how to train effectively Prayer and reach maximum level 99 in the fastest and most simple way. 

prayer guide osrs

Let’s start with the basics – prayer OSRS is a non-members skill which means it can be trained in free-to-play worlds too. There are a few ways to train prayer – by burying bones, by using bones on an altar in the house of a player or on the altar in the Chaos Temple (hut), by killing reanimated monsters which are summoned with the Arceuus spellbook, and by praying at the Ectofuntus with bonemeal and buckets of slime. The amount of xp varies when you’re training with bones – different bones give different xp.

The more your level goes up, the more prayers you unlock. And those prayers can be used to aid you in combat…Prayer has many uses. Getting your prayer level up helps you with Attack, Defence, Ranged, Strength, Magic and Hitpoints among other things. Every 8 prayer levels equal +1 combat level. When you activate a prayer, your prayer points get drained until you turn off the prayer or all of your poinst are used. It actually saves a lot of OSRS gold in the long run if you get a high prayer level early in the game because a Prayer potion will heal 7 Prayer points 1/4 of your prayer level. So if you have a high prayer level early, you’re going to use a lot less Prayer pots later which saves money.

prayer guide osrs

Most of the prayers can be activated right before the attack hits you and immediately deactivated after that to tain buffs and protection without spending many or any prayers points. That’s what we call prayer flicking.

How to do prayer flicking

Next on this 99 prayer guide OSRS we’re going to explain how to do prayer flicking. Prayer flicking lets you use prayer in combat without having your prayer points constantly drained. 

What you do is turn on the prayers right before you need their effect and stop them right after. That way you won’t have your prayer drained in between the attacks. For prayers for protection, you need to activate the prayer right before you’re being hit and turn it off promptly after the hit has landed. If you become skilled enough to do this quickly enough, this completely negates the prayer point usage. This is especially convienient for players in the Wilderness.

It’s difficult to have the perfect timing though and wearing gear with a high prayer bonus may help you flick a lot longer. It’s also easier when you’re fighting with a monster that matches the speed of you weapon and if you’re playing with the sound on. Setting a metronome to 100 beats/minute or once every 0.6 seconds can help you practice.

The downsides of prayer flicking are that it’s very click intense compared to having prayer constantly turned on, and that you need time to get good at it. If you’re doing it in a very risky situation and you’re very skilled, it can backfire.

In order to prayer flick properly, you need to activate and deactivate prayer in a way that it’s active in the one game tick when it’s needed. If you’re using an attack prayer, that would be the tick when you make the attack. If you’re using a protection prayer, that’s the tick when you’re being attacked – so basically when the attack animation begins. If you’re against monsters, it might be vital to know the monster’s attack speed. 

You can use prayer flicking against mosnters which use Magic or Ranged but it’s best to practive against monsters that use melee attacks at a 2.4 second interval while using a 4-tick weapon. Practicing while training Slayer is extremely rewarding too, for example on the Mutated Bloodvelds because they are not aggressive, hit accurately so you will know when you make a mistake and are very easy to reach.

prayer guide osrs

When you’re using protection prayers, activate it right before the attack’s animation starts – for example, that can be when a meleer starts swinging their sword or a ranger raising their bow. When you’re using offensive prayers activate ir right before your animation starts. Turn off within the next tick. 

Keep in mind the latency to the server – the ping is usually at 20 to 150 milliseconds to the closest server. 

The exception to the rule about the initial tick counting is TzTok-Jad as his attacks are calculated after the start of his animation. His attack animations show the nature of his next attack but are not a part of it.

There is also a 1-tick method for prayer flicking which is even more click-intense but it allows you to have your quick prayers active at all times without draining your prayer points. You need to activate and deactive your prayers on every single game tick. This requires extreme adherence to the click pattern and perfect timing. 1-tick prayer flicking is the only way to be sure you’re going to be protected in a multi-combat zone with aggressive enemies without spending your prayer points. If you’re doing it correctly, your overheard prayer should be visible all the time but your prayer points should stay the same. 

You can’t use 1-tick prayer flicking with Preserve or Rapid Heal.

Prayer OSRS Bonus Gear

A higher prayer bonus will make your prayer points drain slower. Each point of the bonus slows the drain rate by 3.33% of the regular draining rate. In order to get that bonus, you must wear a certain type of armour, clothing, jewellery or weapons. Keep in mind that the prayer bonus doesn’t help with the side-effects of locations and monsters that drain prayer points.

The maximum prayer bonus is 66. You can acquire it, wearing God mitre (+5), Ardougne cloak 4 (+6), Dragonbone necklace (+12), Proselyte hauberk & cuisse or tasset (+14), God crozier or Void knight mace (+6), Holy wraps (+3), Devout boots (+5), Rada’s blessing 4 (+2), and Ring of the gods (i) (+8). If you use the Protect from Melee prayer with that gear, you will have 1 point drained every 9.6 seconds.

Free-to-Play 1-99 Prayer Guide OSRS

Prayer is the most difficult skill to train in free-to-play OSRS. It costs a lot of buy large numbers of bones, the xp rates are low and you need to do a lot of clicking to get a high level. So if you chose to train prayer as a free to play player, keep in mind it’s going to be tiresome and you don’t have access to good prayer training methods. 

• Level 1-9: The Restless Ghost quest.

Completing it would provide you with 1125 xp and raise your level to 9. There are no requirements for the quest, though it would be useful to wear melee defensive armour, and it’s relatively easy.

• Level 9-99: Burying Bones or Big Bones.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the only thing you can do. Now here’s the thing: if you buy the bones from Grand Exchange, it’s just not worth it. Burrying regular bones till levle 99 prayer OSRS will take more than 1000 hours and will cost big money – over 200m OSRS gold. Burying Big bones takes less – around 300-400 hours and costs 250m. Using 1 Dragon bone on a gilded altar will give you the same xp as burying 50 normal bones – so like two inventories of bones. You can either buy cheap OSRS gold here or stick to an OSRS wildy prayer guide and collect bones from the Bone Yard in the Wilderness or from killing Hill giants in Edgeville Dungeon. 

The Bone yard is located north of Varrock and has many bone spawns and a few spawns of Big bones. You get some food and armour you wouldn’t mind losing, as well as a weapon if you choose to fight the skeletons for xp and bone drops. You can either run in and collect the bones, then run to safety and bury them, or fight skeletons so you obtain their bones too and when the area is safe, collect and bury the bones.

However, it’s far easier if you just collect Big bones after killing Hill Giants and then bank them and sell them at Grand Exchange so you can buy a bond and train as a member with a far cheaper and eaiser method.

Pay-to-Play 1-99 Prayer Guide OSRS

It can be quite expensive to train prayer osrs but it’s very important to get a high level in prayer because it’s very useful in combat. It’s recommended to have 43 prayer for most quests as this allows you to use some protection prayers. Level 70 prayer is also a big milestone for the Piety quest.

If you have a high prayer level, this lets you restore more prayer points for a dose of prayer potion/super restore/sanfew serum. 

• Level 1-30-32: Quests.

It’s best to start by doing some quests which provide prayer xp. The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Recruitment Drive and Holy Grail will grant you 14 531 prayer xp which takes your level from 1 to 30. For an additional 8 000 prayer xp, you can complete Spirits of the Elid but it has more requirements. Keep in mind that Holy Grail gives you 15 000 xp Defence as a reward, so it’s no good for pures.

• Level 30-99: Bones/ Ectofuntus / Ensouled Heads.

As you can see, you have pretty much 3 methods in which you can effectively train prayer OSRS. 

Training by offering bones on an altar is fast xp and there are no requirements but it’s expensive. There are two kinds of altars you can use: a gilded altar with two lit up incense burners and a chaos altar. Let’s talk about gilded altars first.

prayer guide osrs

You can build a gilded altar in your own house with two incense burners at level 75 Construction. If you don’t have that level, check our 1-99 Construction guide OSRS here or just hop to world 330 and enter a house that has a gilded altar. The best bones to use are Dragon bones and Wyvern bones. They have the same benefits so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, though it’s best to combine them as this way you can stack up a larger quantity within the buying limit. To calculate the exact cost/xp ratio, you need to use a prayer guide OSRS calculator. There are bones that give you better xp, such as Dagannoth and Superior Dragon bones, but they are a lot more expensive. 

This method gives less xp per bone than Ectofuntus but you can process more bones in less time so the xp/h rate is higher. With Dragon bones, you get up to 650 000 xp/h. If you don’t manually use the bones on the altar though, this will get you around 270 000 xp/h. There is a way to increase your xp to 780k xp/h if you run bones and lighting burners on an alternative account, but this is a lot of extra effort. 

To get from 32 prayer to 99, you need around 52k Dragon or Wyvern bones.

As for chaos altar, we’re going into OSRS wildy prayer guide territory here. The Chaos Temple in multi-combat level 38 Wilderness grants you the same xp as a gilded altar with two burners, but it also provides a 50% chance that the bone won’t be consumed and this doubles the amount of xp you can get per bone. This is recommended for Ironmen and for people who want to save OSRS gold while still training prayer effectively.

However, as the altar is in the Wilderness, you’re risking to face player killers that often hop between worlds on this location. Most players that train prayer here take noted bones and un-note them by using them on Elder Chaos druid for the price of 50 coins per note. It’s pretty convienient but it increases the amount of bones you may lose if a player kills you.

prayer guide osrs

There are two strategies here. 

• Plan to die.

You can travel from the bank to the altar for every new inventory. You bring three items, like bulwark, burning amulet, and rock cake/locator orb and a full inventory of bones. When they’re finished, you reduce your health with the cake or the orb and kill yourself with the nearby Wine of zamorak or Chaos Fanatic. Then you respawn close to a bank in Edgeville and repeat.

• Bring noted bones. 

This is a good option only for very high level or very low level players. If you’re at a high level, you can protect yourelf with good gear and bring high-healing food. Low level players – we’re talking combat level 3-20 are too low-leveled to be targeted. Sometimes there are low level combar pure pkers at the altar though, so it’s best to be careful just in case.

Don’t forget to use a prayer OSRS calculator to know the cost/xp ratio.

Enough with the OSRS wildy prayer guide, let’s move on to the next method which is Ectofuntus. It’s cheaper, slower and has low requirements, also it’s highly recommended for low level Ironmen. To use it, you need a Ghostspeak Amulet from the Restless Ghost and it’s best to do Ghost’s Ahoy for the Ectophial, as this can teleport you unlimitedly to Ectofuntus. You also need a lot of bones and around 20 empty pots for safety. 

prayer guide osrs

You must buy Buckets of Slime from the Charter crew member at Port Phasmatys and hop until you got enough to cover the bones you have. Then you crush a heap of bones, 13 for one inventory, with a slot for your Ectophial. You finish by teleporting to Ectofuntus and worshipping the middle fountain, then you bank by using Rings of duelling to Castle wars and repeat the process.

The XP rates are almost 1/3 of the speed of offering bones at the gilded altar so it’s best to use for Ironmen only.

The last method is reanimating ensouled heads. It’s cheap and fast but has higher requirements. You need at least level 3 Magic, 60% Arceuus house favour and proper combat stats. What you do is basically reanimate ensoulded heads and kill the reanimated monsters close to the Dark Altar. It’s slower than offering bones at a gilded altar, but it’s much cheaper. 

It depends on your combat level and gear, but you’re going to reanimate around 160-220 heads per hour. Bring a rune pouch along because it saves inventory space and this lets you reanimate more heads. Also you can buy ensouled heads in advance at the Grand Exchange if you’re going to train for an extended period of time. 

Training with ensouled bloodveld heads gives you around 145k-180k xp/h + 30 000 Magic and combat xp/h. If you have a higher Magic level, you can achieve more than 300k xp/h. And keep in mind that using even the highest tiered head, which is dragon, will save you more than 30m OSRS gold if you pick that method over using dragon bones on a gilded altar.

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