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Premier club OSRS -What is it and Where to find it?

Premier club What is it and Where to find it?

Premier Club OSRS is a type of promotion that offers the best-value yearly membership packages for OSRS players. Options  are for either 3, 6, or 12 months. For instance Choose your bronze, silver or gold months of membership! If you decide to buy the golden you will receive 25% discount. In other words you secure yourself a portal to the amazing upcoming activities in Old School RuneScape. 

Simply you have to go to the OSRS website and choose the best promotion!
Certainly we already did it!

Why spend your money on a membership deal? 

You will have the key to over a 180 quests

You will be able to master skills faster and on a higher level

You can try OSRS minigames

You would be able to become the master in building your own ports

You will be able to use OSRS loyalty program and spend extra cash on items you like

You could cover tree times bigger territories ect.

In addition, players are able to choose between various payment methods and everything is secured for your safety. We loved joining one of the biggest MMO communities in the world. What about you? If you have not, we strongly advise you to do so! Have fun!

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