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RS Money Making Glitches

The term glitch is common in computing, electronics and gaming industries. It refers to a slight and temporary fault in a system. Glitch is not to be mistaken with “bug”, which is more serious software functionality-breaking problem. Glitch is rather mysterious and unknowable inflicted by surprise inputs or stuff outside the code.
As any other game, RuneScape has also had some short-lived glitches. And while some RuneScape glitches are really annoying for the players, others seams to be quite welcomed by them. These are the type of glitches that lead to making extra in-game money, or RuneScape gold. Here is a list of some of the most famous ones:

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The Duplicated Items Glitch

In 2003 some RuneScape players had worked out a way to duplicate or create items unfairly. They were doing this particularly with Christmas-crackers that produce party hats. RuneScape owners offered a reward to the first one who send the an email with explanation of how the object creation was done. This had immediate result that put an end to this glitch.

The Easter Glitch

On Easter 2009 when RuneScape PVP world had Drop party, players could get infinite items. So killing each other they could obtain millions of GP’s per hour in statuettes, visage, dragon fire shield, brawler gloves, and other precious drops — yes, tons of RuneScape gold!

The Penguin Glitch

At some point RuneScape players could spam-click penguins for millions of XP’s or GP’s per hour, making a wealth of RuneScape gold.

The Ring Of Wealth Glitch

When the Ring Of Wealth was updated, Corporeal Beast had a 100% chance to drop a sigil. This way for about 1 hour some RuneScape players made many millions of gold in-game by getting dozens of clue scroll elysian and divines — no rollback, nobody punished!

The Infinite Dagon’hai Robes Glitch

When doing While Guthix Sleeps quest, players were able to spam-click the cupboard containing Dagon’hai robes and alchemy them for a big RuneScape profit.