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Rune Pouch OSRS

If you are a new player to the Old School Runescape world and you are still learning the game you probably don’t know What a rune pouch is? Well, my friend, you came to the right spot. Simply put, an Rune Pouch OSRS is an item that stores rune or pure essence for runecrafting osrs. Let’s find out more about this OSRS Rune Pouch.

What is the Rune Pouch OSRS?

Rune Pouch OSRS

The rune pouch osrs is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes. One of the best things about OSRS Rune pouch is saving inventory space, and you cast spells using the runes stored in the pouch. Unfortunately, you cannot own more than one rune pouch. 

You can go and speak to the magic combat tutor in Lumbridge to toggle an option which allows runes to be placed directly into the rune pouch osrs upon pickup, in case that you have a stack of that rune already in the pouch with enough space in it to hold all of them.

If you die while carrying a rune pouch in the Wilderness or a PVP world, you will lose the rune pouch, unless it has been locked by use of a trouver parchment. In case that you are killed by another player, neither of you will receive the OSRS Rune pouch. 

How to Obtain an OSRS Rune Pouch?

To get a rune pouch, you must first go to a slayer master. A slayer master is the one who will give you tasks to earn slayer points. The slayer points are what you use to buy the Rune pouch from a slayer master for 750 slayer reward points. 

By completing tasks for the slayer master, you will raise your slayer level. These tasks most likely will be in the Wilderness so don’t bring anything that you are not prepared to lose.

Also, you can purchase the Rune pouch from the Bounty Hunter Shop for 1,200,000 points. You earn these points by selling mysterious emblems. The mysterious emblems are divided into different tiers and each tier of them gives different amounts of points. 

You can obtain mysterious emblems by either killing players in Bounty hunter or purchasing them from the Grand Exchange. You can find a Bounty Hunter Shop located in Edgeville. Another way that you can purchase a rune pouch note from players or the Grand Exchange, which can be exchanged at a bank for a rune pouch.


This is all about the Rune pouch. It is fairly easy to obtain it but costs time and gold as most of the items and quest in OSRS. But to keep the Rune pouch that is a hard thing to do. I hope this guide helps you understand how to get the Rune pouch and as always good luck and have fun.