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1-99 Thieving Guide OSRS | The Fastest XP

Thieving Guide OSRS

Thieving Guide OSRS is a skill for members-only that is exactly what it sounds like – it allows you to get coins and items by stealing from various places, such as market stalls, chests or straight from the pockets of unsuspecting non-player characters. Thieving OSRS also lets you unlock doors and disarm traps.

Keep on reading if you want to train until you get to level 99 on thieving – or at least to some decently high level! We’ve summed up here some basics on the thieving grind, along with a very fast and efficient thieving guide OSRS that will allow you to get to max level asap!

thieving guide osrs
thieving guide osrs

The basics on Thieving OSRS

Training thieving OSRS mostly happens through pickpocketing NPCs. This happens when you go to certain NPC and right-click them, then select Picpocket. Here’s a quick tip though – go to the game controller at the top right and choose “Hidden” under “NPC ‘Attack’ options”. This way you won’t have to right-click and select Pickpocket every time, you can just left-click the NPC. Another perk of this method is that you can perform more than one pickpocketing in a single animation, so spam clicking gets easier – and your xp flow gets better.

Sometimes the NPCs notice the pickpocketing – quite often actually, and they will yell “What do you think you’re doing?” or some similar saying and hit you, which stuns you for four seconds and deals a few HP damage. That’s why it’s best to bring some food with you such as wine.

There is some equipment that increases your success rate, but we will go through this in a bit. It’s good to equip a bow with no arrows because that way it becomes impossible to attack an NPC.

In order to pickpocket again, you don’t have to wait for the animation to finish. You can spam click as fast as you can in order to get max xp.

The coins you obtain through pickpocketing appear in coin pouches. You can stack up to 28 coin pouches and then you must open them in order to pickpocket more. Just click on the pouches and this will do the trick. You can eat food and open the coin pouches when you’re stunned and this way you won’t lose thieving xp.

Now let’s continue to the next part of this Thieving guide OSRS!

Thieving OSRS Equipment

There are only a few items that can actually be helpful to training thieving OSRS – actually four, if we want to be precise. This means you don’t have to spend unlimited amounts of gold to train efficiently thieving OSRS – and by training, you gain coins!

The first item that has proven to be useful is the Ardoudgne cloak. You get rewarded with the different tires when you complete the easy, medium, hard and elite sets of the Ardougne diary. Getting the Ardougne cloak 2, which is received when you complete the easy and medium tasks, increases your success rate by 10% when you pickpocket within Ardougne. If you get the Ardougne cloak 3 or 4, it will work anywhere in Gielinor. Also you don’t have to wear it to get the effect.

Next thing that increases your success rate is Gloves of silence. When you equip them, you have 5% increased rate. You need a Hunter level of at least 54 to wear them. Check out here the best Hunter guide OSRS here, so you can get as fast as possible to level 54 and beyond!

The Gloves of silence get damaged every time you’re stunned because you couldn’t pickpocket the NPC and will be destroyed after 62 failures. If you trade the gloves to someone, the amount of failures until destruction won’t count for their new owner and they will be as good as new. It’s best to stack up on a lot of pairs of the gloves, so it’s best to buy some cheap OSRS gold right here!

If you have level 64 of crafting, you can restore your gloves to new by using a dark kebbit fur and thread on them. To get to 64 crafting, check out our Crafting Guide OSRS right here and get to any level you want quickly and effortlessly!

If you have the Ardougne cloak though, it’s pointless to get the gloves, since the success rates don’t stack to 15% and the higher rate overrides the lower.

Moving on to the next item – Rogue equipment gives you the chance to pickpocket twice the loot from an NPC. If you have the full rogue set, this guarantees that you will double loot. However, this doesn’t affect your xp. The full rogue set is a rogue mask, rogue top, rogue trousers, rogue boots and rogue gloves. You can find these items while looting the safe when you’re finishing the Rogues’ Den minigame. There is a 1/8 chance.

Last thing you might want to get for your thieving OSRS training is the Dodgy necklace. It gives you a 25% chance to no get stunned and receive damage when you fail to pickpocket the NPC. The necklace has 10 charges, then it crumbles and you need to change it.

So we’re finally moving to the actual Thieving guide OSRS and to the ways you can train thieving for fastest xp!

Thieving OSRS Guide 1-99

• Level 1-5 – Men/Women

Your only training option is to pickpocket men or women around the game. You have to make 49 successful picpockets to get to level 5.

• Level 1-14 – Fight Arena Quest

An alternative would be to complete the Fight Arena quest which will get you directly to level 14. However, keep in mind this gives you Attack xp.

• Level 5-25 – Tea stalls

Steal tea from Ye Olde Tea Shoppe in Varrock. That’s south-east of the eastern back, close to the small fenced area. There are no guards to stop you from stealing the tea and the shopkeeper doesn’t move from his place to interrupt. The tea you steal is pretty much useless and it’s best to drop it – it raises Attack by 2 lvls but has poor healing and is cheap.

• Level 25-40 – Warrior women

Start pickpocketing the Warrior woman in the Varrock Palace next to the Grand Exchange or in East Ardougne or at the Al-Kharid Palace. She’ll get you stunned when she notices you’re pickpocketing her. Cornering her in her room often seems to be a good idea when you want to spam-click. Be careful to keep the door closed when you’re in the room because otherwise she can leave and you’ll have to hop worlds to find another one. At level 32, you can try the rogues in the Wilderness but there could be PKers there. If you’re a skiller or have low levels, better stick to the Warriors.

• Level 40-45 – Master Farmers

That’s one of your options for this level. It’s about 25k xp/h and you get lots of seeds. However, the Farmers catch you way more often than you succeed in pickpocketing them and require the use of a lot of food. There’s a wine stall nearby, so you can steal some wine from to maximize your health.

thieving guide osrs

• Level 40-45-50 – City Guards

Now that’s another good one. It’s less xp – around 20k xp/h, and you can find them in Ardougne, Varrock, or Falador. If you’ve trained on Warrior women in Varrock Palace, you can just go one floor up and find the Guards there. A good way to pickpocket guards is to get a staff of air and a fire and law rune and to have only these items in your inventory when you head to west Varrock. After you die from failing to steal, you keep the runes and the staff but drop your money. So you teleport back to Varrock, grab more runes and pick the money. This way you don’t need food. Another way to avoid bringing food is to trap a guard in the building to the north of the market in Ardougne, which is quite easy, and to steal food from the bakery if it’s necessary. A third option is to change your spawn point to Falador after you finish the Recruitment Drive quest. This way you will respawn in the Falador Castle after you die from stunning and can cross the bridge and resume pickpocketing immediately.

• Level 45-50 – Fremennik citizens

You must complete the Fremennik Trials to access this. It grants you 50% more xp than the pickpocketing Master Farmers. The best Fremennik to steal from is Pontak, who lives just north of the gate. You can steal some food from one of the fish stalls to the west of the hall or fish some in Rellekka and cook in on one of the many fires around.

• Level 45-91-99 – Blackjacking

thieving guide osrs

Blackjacking is quite a popular way to train Thieving OSRS. This is the fastest xp up until level 91.

First things first, you need to complete the Feud quest. Then you have to get the full rogue equipment at level 50 because withou it you’re going to make around 2.5m gp, and with it, this raises twice – to 5m gp. You have three kinds of bandits you can blackjack, but the method is all the same – you knock out the bandit and pickpocket them twice, while they’re unconscious. Yeah, that’s kind of a nasty thing to do, but remember – they’re bandits! However, if they catch you trying to knock them out, they’ll go aggressive and hit you, which deals 4 HP damage. When they get aggressive, don’t try to pickpocket them. Try to knock them out to reset their aggressiveness or run to a nearby safespot and wait until your health bar disappears, then go to try and knock them out. Some other ways to make them non-aggressive is to switch weapons with something other than blackjack and click knock-out, or to pickpocket them while you’re with a full inventory. This will simply select the dialog prompt which resets aggressiveness. If you’re using wine, you can just not drop the jugs to keep your inventory full. Basically, it’s best to pickpocket with a full inventory in general.

The three kinds of bandits you can pickpocket are:

Bearded Pollnivnian bandits (level 45-55), from which you get 60-80k xp/h depending on your level and click speed. You have to wield a blackjack. Best house to lure them is the Ali the Dyer’s house in the north part of Pollnivneach. It’s small and has a ladder you can use to quickly reset aggressiveness if it’s necessary.

Pollnivnian bandits (level 55-65) grant you around 100-150k xp/h. You have to wield a scimitar.

Menaphite thugs (level 65-91) are located in the southern part of Pollnivneach. Even at level 65, you can get around 180-200k xp/h and at level 99 this raises to 260 000xp/h.

• Level 55-91-99 – Knights of Ardougne

thieving guide osrs

Another option is pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne. It’s best to complete the medium tasks in the Ardougne Diary because this will increase your success rate with 10%. If you’ve done that and are also using dodgy necklaces, you can gain up to 60k xp/h at level 55, 105k xp/h at level 70, 150k xp/h at level 80 and 250k xp/h at level 95. It’s slightly slower when it comes to xp than blackjacking, but it provides more profit and is waaaaay more afkable. Training from 55 to 99 gets you around 7.5m gp with no rogue equipment and around 15m with full rogue equipment.

Pickpocketing Knight of Ardougne basically unfolds like this – you attack him somewhere around the south-eastern part of the Ardougne marketplace and lure him towards the building in the north. You have to stand in the doorway so he stands south to you. Then you run two squares west so he is standing east of you. Then you run in the square south of the doorway so he’s right on the doorway and you use the dragon spear’s special attack on him so he goes in. You run in quickly and close the door, so the knight won’t escape. The idea is to pin him to the most southern squares of the house where he can only move between two squares. It’s very easy to pickpocket him like this. IMPORTANT NOTICE!: You need to stay away from the squares he can walk on because otherwise he will get stuck and despawn in 5 minutes of stationary activity.

If you don’t want to go through all the business of luring the knight, just hop worlds until you find one where someone has done the dirty work already. World 378 is the unofficial Knights of Ardougne world, so there’s high chance you’ll find one there.

• Level 91-99 – Pyramid Plunder

thieving guide osrs

You can actually start playing the minigame at level 71, but it’s way better from level 91 because then it’s the fastest Thieving xp in the game. In order to enter Sophanem, you must start the Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest. It’s highly recommended to complete Contact! so you can access a bank near the pyramid, or you will have to travel back to the bank in Nardah whenever you need food or anti-poison pots. It takes around 335 games to get from level 91 to 99 in the Pyramid Plunder. The Pyramid Plunder world is 493.

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