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Chop Chop – 1-99 Woodcutting Guide OSRS

Woodcutting Guide OSRS

Woodcutting Guide OSRS – it is a pretty afkable skill that is particularly useful as a source of income for the low-level players. What you need to do is pretty much chop down trees to obtain logs, which you can later use for training Fletching, Firemaking or Construction. The higher your level, the more kinds of trees you can chop, also you can cut them down way faster. 

You can only uses axes for Woodcutting OSRS and as your level increases, so does the variety of axes you can use. You need to make sure you’re using the best axe you can at any given moment because better axes chop trees faster. In order to equip the axes, you need a high enough Attack level which varies depending on the metal the axe is made of, but it’s not necessary to be able to equip the axe in order to use it, you can simply keep it in your inventory. 

As of May 10th 2019 there are 41,169 players with level 99 in Woodcutting OSRS. If you want to be one of them and aim to get a 99 in Woodcutting, you must follow this fast and efficient 1-99 Woodcutting guide.

Woodcutting OSRS Best Equipment

The basic tool you need for training Woodcutting OSRS is an axe. The levels at which you have to change your axe with the better option go as follows:

• Level 1 – Iron axe

• Level 6 – Steel axe

• Level 11 – Black axe 

• Level 21 – Mithril axe

• Level 31 – Adamant axe

• Level 41 – Rune axe

At level 61, you can use a Dragon axe which is the fastest and best axe for Woodcutting in OSRS. It’s 10% more efficient than the rune axe, but you can’t buy it. You can only obtain it as a rare drop from Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Supreme and Dagannoth Prime in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. The other way to get it is as an even rarer reward from the supply crate you earn after getting at least 500 points during the fight against the Winterodt. The Dragon axe’s special attack can be used as a OSRS Woodcutting boost of your level by 3, but only temporary.

If you use smouldering stone on a Dragon axe, you get an Infernal axe but you need to have 85 Firemaking for this. If you’re not banking the logs, getting the Infernal axe will be a very smart way to get massive loads of passive Firemaking xp as you’re training Woodcutting, because the Infernal axe burns 1/3 of the cut logs. This way you also have less drops and training Woodcutting is easier. 

Another OSRS Woodcutting boost you can get is via the Lumberjack outfit, which you can obtain after performing the Temple Trekking minigame. It provides a 2.5% bonus xp/log cut and you need level 44 to wear it. Getting is recommended if you’re going for the 99 since it only takes about an hour to get all four pieces of the outfit if you’re using route 1 which allows you to skip all of the events (except for the one with the undead lumberjacks).

1-99 Woodcutting OSRS guide

• Quests (level 1-27)

You can skip training the first 27 levels by completing a few quests which grant you a total of 10,575 xp. The first 15 levels are the most annoying because you chop down a tree with one hit only and it’s very click-intense, so it’s a good idea to skip the grind if possible. The quests that grant you Woodcutting xp are Monk’s friend, Enlightened Journey, Ichtlarin’s Little Helper, Heroes’ Quest and Skrach Uglogwee subquest of Recipe of disaster.

• Regular trees (level 1-15)

If you plan on skipping on the quests and starting off with some good old chopping, you need to start training on regular trees. It’s pretty tedious but it won’t take you long. Regular trees are scattered all over OSRS but it’s best to start in Varrock close to the Grand Exchange, especially if you plan on banking the logs.

• Oak trees (level 15-30)

Oak trees can be found all over Runescape too, but if you started with the regular trees at Varrock you can simply move a bit closer to the west or the east banks as there are a few Oak trees around them which should be more than enough. Seers’ Village is a good location too because it’s very close to a bank. Oak trees are pretty profittable for low level players and you can make up to 50,000 OSRS gold per hour cutting them. If you’re focused, cutting Oaks till level 30 shouldn’t take you more than an hour. 

• Willow trees (level 30-35)

Each willow log gives you 67.5 xp and you need 134 of them to reach level 35. Willow trees usually grow in clusters and close to banks so they’re pretty convenient for Woodcutting xp. There are 5 trees in Draynor but it’s often crowded there. There are level 7 aggressive wizards around, so low level players should be mindful. You can find six willow trees north-west of the bank in the Seers’ Village. There are also some willows outside of Barbarian Assault which are very close to a bank chest and usually not crowded. Willow trees give the best Free-to-Play Woodcutting xp in the game and the best location for F2P is Catherby. 

• Teak trees (level 30-65-99)

Cutting teak trees is the fastest OSRS Woodcutting XP if you’re using tick manipulation. This requires a lot of concentration and is quite click-intensive though, so if you want to train as afk as possible it’s best that you only cut teak trees until level 65. 

Now for the tick Woodcutting: there are two types of tick manipulation, 2-tick and 1.5-tick. 2-tick Woodcutting is done on Ape Atoll while birds are attacking you. If you’re attacked exactly two ticks apart because of Auto Retaliate you can receive a log once every two ticks, which doubles the xp/h. To make sure this happens, equip a bow and set it to Rapid while having Auto Retaliate on. To make your character retaliate, you can click on the ground or drop something or equip an item or make darts – all of these cancel and reset the action of Woodcutting. 2-tick Woodcutting grants you 170k xp/h without trying hard, while if you’re being flawlessly efficient you might get up to 185k.

1.5-tick Woodcutting is done on Fossil Island and is even faster than 2-tick, but it’s also harder and way more click-intensive. You need to set a 3-tick cycle, for example by using swamp tar on a clean herb, and run 2 squares to the corners of the hardwood patches. You should drop the logs while running for maximum efficiency and also carry stamina pots because you will need to regain your running energy. 2-tick manipulation grants you 200kxp/h if you’re being lousy and up to 220k if you’re dedicated to the grind.

This gives you great xp until level 99 Woodcutting, but if it’s too complicated for you and you prefer to be afk, you can do it up until level 65. 

• Sulliusceps (level 65-90-99)

Cutting those sulliuscep mushroom trees provides the best xp in the game with no tick manipulation. However, you must complete the Bone Voyage quest in order to access it. Also, during the training monsters are going to attack you, so it’s recommended to have as high Hitpoints level as possible. The required minimum is 12 Hitpoints which is one above the max hit of the Tar Monsters. 

When you’re cutting Silliusceps, it’s best to wear digsite pendant and the Lumberjack outfit – if you don’t have it, put on prayer gear for Rapid Heal or some weight-reducing gear. You should also wear a Regen bracelet and Hitpoints cape to get faster Hitpoints regeneration. To extend the trip as long as possible, bring along Saradomin brew as well – if you’re wearing the Hitpoints cape and the regen bracelet, one brew may sustain you for a whole hour. Bring a rake with you as well.

For the longest trip, you’re going to need a prayer book because there are two chances to be poisoned during the run and curing each requires only 2 Prayer points. An alternative would be equiping Serpentine helm when passing a spined mushroom and then putting on the lumberhack hat again, or using antidote++ which will grant you poison immunity for 48 minutes. 

Now there is a particular order to chopping down sulliusceps. There are six of them and they respawn in the exact same order, so you should follow a route from mushroom tree 1 to mushroom tree 6, then you should use the Rubber cap mushroom which is between mushroom tree 5 and 6 to return to tree number 1, and repeat the whole process. When you get to mushroom tree number one, you must fill the mushroom pit with 9 mushrooms or you will take a minimum of 40 damage. 

woodcutting guide osrs

Passing through the swamp can be dangerous and you need to chop roots in order to pass further, as well as rake the section from tree number 3 to tree number 4. Some of the swamp bubbles are named Tar Bubbles and they spawn Tar Monsters that have a max hit of 11 and deal Typeless Ranged damaged. You can avoid the damage if you keep a distance of two tiles from the Tar Bubbles. If the monsters have spawned already and you want to avoid them, switch worlds. 

Also, there are spined mushrooms on your way, especially around mushroom tree number 2, which may attack you for 10 damage and poison you. That’s why you brought the Serpentine helm/antidote/prayer book along. Be careful while cutting mushroom tree number 3, as if you run up to the left side of the sulliuscep while cutting it, you may be attacked by a spined mushroom that can attack you along the whole route.

At level 99, cutting down sulliuscep trees grants you 100,000-110,000k xp/h.

• Redwood trees (level 90-99)

If you want to go for a more chill and afk OSRS Woodcutting training, you may switch to redwood trees at level 90. This provides less xp/h – at 99 the xp rate is around 65,000-70,000. Cutting down sulliusceps grants 97k xp/h at level 90, while redwood trees give only around 55,000-60,000. However, the process requires very little attention and can easily be tackled while doing something else at the same time.

woodcutting guide osrs
woodcutting guide osrs

You can find two Redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild directly up the ladders west of the Magic trees. They are huge, so don’t worry about them being just two. 

OSRS Woodcutting boosts

There are various OSRS Woodcutting boosts you can use to up your level. 

• Woodcutting Guild – joining the Woodcutting Guild is available only for members. Was this reason you wanted to see a woodcutting guide osrs in the first place? The guild is located in the south-western part of Hosidius and in order for you to enter it, you must have at least level 60 Woodcutting and 75% Hosidius favour. If you’re training OSRS Woodcutting inside the guild, you receive an invisible +7 level boost to your level. This stack all the visible boosts you may already have, such as the +3 from using the dragon’s axe special attack. However, the Woodcutting Guild boost doesn’t allow you to make actions which are outside of your actual level. 

woodcutting guide osrs
woodcutting guide osrs

• Axeman’s folly – gives +1 OSRS Woodcutting boost if you consume it but lowers your strength and atack by 3. You need 49 level of Cooking to brew it. 

• Axeman’s folly (m) – gives +2 OSRS Woodcutting boost if you consume it but lowers your strength and attack by 3. You need 49 level of Cooking to brew it.

• Brown Spicy stew – gives -5 to +5 OSRS Woodcutting boost when consumed but the fives are rare. It’s random and if you want a high level boost, you should have multiple stews. You need 25 level of Cooking to brew it.

• Dragon Axe – +3 OSRS Woodcutting boost when you’re using the special attack. You need 60 level of Attack to use it.

• Infernal axe – +3 OSRS Woodcutting boost when you’re using the special attack. You need 60 level of Attack, 61 level of Woodcutting and 85 level of Firemaking to use it.

• 3rd age axe – +3 OSRS Woodcutting boost when you’re using the special attack. You need level 65 of Attack to use it.

• Woodcutting cape – +1 OSRS Woodcutting boost which is automatically activated when the cape is equipped. You need 99 level of Woodcutting to use it.

In conclusion, woodcutting can be one of the most relxing skills in the game, requiring little to no attention to get some decent XP in the skill and just grind it out or it can be one of the most click intensive training sessions you have ever had, if you chasing after larger ammounts of experience per hour. At the end of the day it remains one of the most “classic” skills in the game, from its start in neverendless cutting of the same tree and never needing to drop anything back in runesacpe classic, past the era of the right-click button, in todays game where shift-click rules everything arround us (C.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar-dollar-bill yo).

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