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Train on Fire Giants OSRS!

Ranged OSRS and Slayer OSRS are among the most popular skills in the game. Ranged is a combat skill that allows you to inflict damage on your opponent from a distance, and Slayer can be used to kill monsters that are otherwise immune to damage. As you can see, there is a reason why these two skills are so popular. If you’re interested in getting a higher level in them, check out here the complete 1-99 guide for Ranged OSRS and for Slayer OSRS and train in the most efficient way!

We’re going to talk a bit more about a particular way of training Ranged and Slayer. Most players know they can kill giants to train certain skills. Fire giants OSRS, in particular, can provide great xp in both Slayer and Ranged.

fire giants osrs

Fire giants OSRS are the strongest of the bunch – at least from the standard giants, and they are significantly more powerful than the Ice and Moss giants. To fight them, you need to get assigned by a Slayer master. Fire giants are often picked for training Ranged and Slayer by Ironman players because they can be accessed easily, have a lot of safespots and drop a rune scimitar. 

A useful tip for low-level players training Ranged on fire giants is to use enchanted pearl bolts against them. Other than that, it’s okay to just use the usual equipment you use for training on giants. Canonns may be used against them in many locations, but none of them are in a multi combat area.

fire giants osrs

There are three levels of Fire giants OSRS – level 86, level 104, and level 109. It’s easy to recognize the 109 level giants as they use clubs, while the level 104 ones use flaming swords. The max hits of level 86/104/109 fire giants are, as follows, 11, 10 and 13. 

You can obtain many rewards from the Fire giants’ drops, including weapons, armor, runes, and herbs. 

Now let’s talk a bit more about locations and safespots. 

Fire giants OSRS Safe Spot

A good thing about training on fire giants is that there are a lot of locations where you can find them and plenty of safespots. 

• Waterfall Dungeon is safest for attacking fire giants from a distance with Magic or Ranged. The safe spot there is both behind the rock in the middle of a room and in the doorway. The giants are two spaces wide which makes them too big to retaliate. There is also a safe spot in the large room with 7 giants once they are unaggressive. You can stand on one side of the long table there while the fire giant is on the other side. It’s often quite crowded here because it’s a good location but if you find yourself an empty world, you can make a decent amount of xp and gold. All you need is some good combat equipment, rope, and some food. Your Ranged level should be higher than 40 but 50+ is recommended, or 13+ if you’re training Magic. You gain on average something between 20k to 44 k combat xp per hour and around 35k gold. But hey, if you want more, you can always buy cheap OSRS gold right here!

• Brimhaven Dungeon is also safe for attacks from a range. It’s a cave located on Karamja, right south-west of Brimhaven. To enter the dungeon, you have to pay each 875 coins to Saniboch who is right outside. 

• The Stronghold Slayer Cave has a Fire giants OSRS safe spot too and it can be used with almost no interruption from other giants but you can only kill monsters in the cave if they were assigned to you now by a slayer master. It’s located beneath the Tree Gnome Stronghold and the entrance is next to Nieve. 

• Catacombs of Kourend offers a great safe spot but it only becomes accessible after 10 minutes. To use it, you have to walk to it and then return to the aggressive spot where you must wait for ten minutes. That’s how the non-aggressive safe spot becomes available for you and grants you complete protection against any attacks. Sounds cool, right? Killing the giants in this location also gives you higher Slayer xp than usual and the drops contain ancient shards and dark totem pieces.

• The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon has a safe spot in the farthest north pocket but you have to lure the fire giants to the east wall of the northern pocket first. The dungeon is located beneath Mount Karuulm, just west of Lovakengj. 

fire giants osrs

• The Smoke Dungeon has a few fire giants and is often quite empty because the players have to bring a facemask or slayer helm to protect themselves against smoke inhalation. There are two safe spots for ranging fire giants here. The Smoke Dungeon is a tunnel located beneath the Kharidian desert, and if you want to access it you must climb down the smokey well. 

Fire giants Wilderness OSRS

There is also a spot in the Wilderness where you can train on fire giants. This is the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. Of course, due to its location, it’s mostly used for Wilderness slayer. 

The Deep Wilderness Dungeon can be accessed through the stairs in a broken house west of the Mage Arena. People mostly go there for the wine of Zamorak spawn that is located at the end of the dungeon and respawns every three seconds (mind you, it comes in a noted form if you’ve completed the hard Wilderness Diary), and for the fire giants that get assigned to them by Krystilia as a Slayer task. That’s the only Fire giants Wilderness OSRS location so once Krystilia gives you the assignment, you have no choice but to go there.

If you’re completing a task in the Deep Wilderness dungeon, it would be great to complete the medium Wilderness Diaries first. This will unlock a shortcut that really cuts your traveling time and significantly increases the odds of escaping pkers. We all know how wild it can get in the Wilderness! lol

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