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What Are The Most Common OSRS Pures And How To Get Them?

There are many types of pure accounts in OSRS and it’s like more and more different variations are coming up. We’re going to go through the most popular types of pures in this article and explain what’s the difference between them, as well as provide a way for you to order some OSRS pures if you need that kind of account – because let’s be honest, the grind you have to go through in order to make it yourself is often not worth having it in the end.

Let’s start with a little something on what are the two main types of pures in general and what they’re used for. 

combat pure is an account, specifically optimised for using in player-versus-player scenarios, such as Wilderness encountres or Duel Arena. When training one, you often put priority on the offensive stats but still maintain a low combat level. Usually, the term “pure” is associated with accounts that have high offensive stats and low defensive, but there are other types of combat pures, such as Berserker pures that have 45 Defense. However, considering the diversity of PvP accounts, there are almost limitless variations of this kind of accounts. 

There are also skill pures, also knowns as skillers, that develop only non-combat skills. Their combat skills are left at level 1 which makes their combat level remain at 3. This is very challenging for training any other skill cuz some requite quests with involved combat with monsters that deal high damage. Some recommendations for training a skill pure are to equip a training bow or any kind of bow or crossbow without wielding any ammo, so you don’t accidentally participate in combat. Also it’s best to set your options to hide the attack options on both players and monsters – again for the same reason. Many people enjoy making skill pures, because it’s definitely challenging and rewarding!

However, in this article we’re going to focus on the most popular kinds of combat pures in OSRS!

Types of Combat Pures

• One-Defence pure (1 def pure): This is the most popular form of an OSRS pures account. One-Defence pures are designed with one purpose in mind – player-versus-player combat. If you give the account high offensive stats and a low Defence level while maintaining a low combat level, you have leverage over most accounts of a similar level. You see why they are great in pking? One-Defence pures are trained by some people simply for the satisfaction of hitting very high at a very low combat level. The levels on these OSRS pure accounts vary a lot, though the most popular options are between 50 and 90. It’s quite time-consuming and difficult to train one but, of course, you can always buy your own custom-made one-Defence pure for a cheap price right here! And let me tell you, this type of OSRS accounts is quite valuable. For an example, an account with 50 Attack/50 Strength/50 Defence would be combat level 58. An account with 50 Attack/50 Strength/1 Defence would be combat level 44 but would hit as hard as someone with a level 58. One-Defence pures have some disadvantages, such as lack of access to Rune armour and other benefits, and no use in Player vs Monster due to no significant Prayer level. This is why most 1 Defence OSRS pures accounts are alt accounts and people prefer to order them online and to use for fun at low combat level PvP, while they’re actually working on training their mains.

• Defence pureDefence pures are quite the opposite of one-Defence pures, even if they might sound similar – this is an account that has a low combat level but an extremely high Defence level, which is compensated by very low Attack/Strength levels. These OSRS pures accounts are not so good in player killing though and often created merely for the sake of vanity. It’s very easy to escape from a Defence pure, because they have weak attacks. Defence pures used to be great for slaying opponents in PvP, because it used the Dragonfire shield’s special attack along with the stacking venom damage from the Serpentine helm, but as many other great things, it was nerfed.

• Obsidian pureObsidian pures are more known as “obby maulers” or simply “maulers”. They utilise the Tzhaar-ket-om, which requires 60 Strength to wield. Because of it, you can maintain a pure that has an Attack level of 1. This reaaally lowers your combat level and due to also having 1 Defence, you get a way lower combat level than the regular one-Defence pure. These OSRS pures accounts take incredibly long to train though, and they are an amazing choice for PvP, so if you want to get yours easy and with no grind whatsoever, click here to order your personal Obby mauler pure! There are also variations of this type of pure with a higher Defence level, such as 60 Strength/60 Defence which is great due to the release of the Obsidian armour, but the classic one is 1 Attack/90 Strength/1 Defence.

• Granite maul pure: This type of pure is similar to the Obsidian pure but has a higher Attack level. It’s best known as “G mauler” or “mauler” and it uses the Granite maul, which requires 50 Attack and 50 Strength to wield. That type of pure usually has 1 Defence and a lower combat level than most one-Defence pures. Get your own G mauler easy and cheap by simply clicking this link!

• Black pure: This is an account made specifically for 10 Defence, which lets you use black armour and wear a black mask/slayer helmet. Black pures are rarely seen throughout the Wild and can be quite dangerous while using low-cost armour and a great deal of weaponery. The Defence boost can be quite small, but it definitely makes a difference in fights, especially against one-Defence pures. The combat level is slightly higher than that of the one-Defence pures but this can vary. People with a Black pure are usually PvMers that love a challenge. In P2P the build is usually upped to 13 Defence. 

• 13 Defence pureThe 13 Defence pure is basically a black pure which is sacrificing a small amount of offence for some more effective defensive gear. These accounts have 13 Defence usually not because they trained but because they completed Nature Spirit, a requirement for a subquest for Recipe of Disaster, and gained 2000 Defence xp. This grants you access to adamant gloves. 

Initiate pureThese accounts have 20 Defence and utilise the Prayer and Defence bonuses of Initiate armour. The Defence boost is quite useful and the armour allows you to use prayers more efficiently during combat, so your training will be much easier too. The combat levels of Initiate pures are higher than their 1 Defence counterparts. They also have the benefit of being able to equip armour with Magic bonuses, like Mystic robes.

Rune pureRune pures have 40 Defence so they can wear Rune armour and other boosting equipment like fight torso and dragonhide body. 40 Defence is a requirement for completing Lunar Diplomacy, which gives you access to a very useful spell – the Vengeance spell, so that’s a bonus too. Rune pures are very popular in F2P PvP, the idea is that this account can wear the highest available armour while having as low combat level as possible. F2P rune pures often have Attack capped off a level 40 for rune weaponry which makes their level even lower. Rune pures are usually within the 70-110 combat level range. However, in P2P this build is usually less preferred than Berserker or Void builds which trade a few combat levels to get major benefits such as Void armour.

Berserker pureAlso known as Zerker or Zerk. This type of OSRS pures is basically a rune pure but with 45 Defence which grants you the ability to wear a Berserker helm or a Fighter hat. They give better stat bonuses than the Rune full helm, so they’re preferable. Berserkers can also complete all subquests for Recipe for Disaster which allows you to get the best gloves in RuneScape – the Barrows gloves. The levels are almost identical to those of the Rune pures. 

Void pureThat type of account uses the combat bonuses of Void knight armour to achieve extremely high hits. Void pures are mostly Ranged-oriented because Rune crossbow and Dark bow already hit hard and when you put them together with the damage and accuracy boosts of the Ranged Void knight armour, it gets really sweet. Another benefit to this type of OSRS pure is that risks very little wealth – the Void knight armour is untradeable, rune kiteshiels can be made untradeable, and so on. Void pures usually have similar Defence level to that of Berserker pures, but lesser Melee levels which lowers their combat level. They’re mostly within combat level 70-100.

• Mage pure: This is basically a one-Defence pure that specializes in Magic. It’s extremely strong at low level PvP because most spells deal a fixed max damage regardless of the dealer’s Magic level. It’s most common for Magic pures to use Ancient Magicks or The Flames of Zamorak spells with a Toxic staff od the dead. Some go for the Slayer Dark spell. These accounts are best used at lower level combat, so they often remain within 40-60 combat level.

Mage tankMage tanks have massive Defence and quite high Hitpoints and Magic levels. They used to be quite popular in RuneScape Classic, but they are rarely used now because magical armour has low defensive bonuses. These accounts are not very efficient in comboing out or finishing off opponents unless they use Melee or Ranged.

Range pureThat’s a one-Defence pure that specialises in Ranged combat. Most Range pures level Attack and Strength too in order to heighten their combo potential with Granite maul or Dragon dagger. This is a quite useful type of OSRS pure, which takes a long time to train, so the best option is to order your own personal Range pur account for a small amount of money right here!

Range tankThose are characters with high Ranged and Defence levels. The Defence lets them play in high level PvP with Barrows items and often high-level Magic through spells like Vengeance. Attack/Strength levels are low. The combat level of these accounts is usually between 70 and 110.

• Dragon pure: Dragon pures have 60 Defence and/or 60 Attack so they can use Dragon equipment. They usually have on a Dragon scimitar as a main weapon because of its Strength bonus and speed, and a Dragon dagger (p++) as a secondary weapon just for the special attack. Add some Dragon claws and you have yourself a real dangerous fighter.

Barrows pureThat’s one of the highest Defence OSRS pure type – it has 70 Defence (sometimes almost 70) mainly for the Barrows equipment, like Dharok’s, and 70 Prayer so it can use Piety. Combine this with overall high Attack/Strength levels for max damage and you get the overall picture. The combat level is not monitored closely and these accounts usually max out everything but Defence and Prayer OSRS level . The combat level varies from 100 to 120 usually. You can buy your Barrows pure here and use it for PvP or PvM without going through all the grind before that! And if you prefer to train your account yourself, you can check out this 1-99 fast and efficient Strength OSRS guide here.

Frequently suppressed skills in OSRS pures

The skills players mostly suppress in combat pures so they would keep their combat levels as low as possible are Defence, Prayer, and Hitpoints. People often debate in details on which one is wiser to go forgo and which is too beneficial to keep low. In the end, it’s simply a matter of preference for every player. However, it’s important to remember that the “purer” the more interesting your PvP combat will get, and you will have a higher chance of ending it with a kill than fleeing.

So far, Defence is most commonly suppressed. It has its pros and cons, but it’s – according to most players – the skill in which the cons are more than the pros, compared to the rest. Most pures that have more than 1 Defence set their mind on a particular level for the armour it allows them to wear. 

The pros of having a high Defence level are basically: having to buy less food, training on higher level monsters easily, tanking and better armour which allows you to get hit even less. 

The major cons are two: If you have low offensive stats, it gets harder to level up because you’re getting less XP/hit. This makes it very time consuming to create an OSRS pure with a high level Defence. However, if you don’t want to waste your time grinding, you can always buy a high Defence pure here! 

Another majon con of having a high Defence pure and therefore low offensive stats is that it gets harder to win a 1v1 fight because you will hit very low….And after all, that’s what pure accounts are for in most cases.

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