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Training Slayer on Wyrms and Ancient Wyverns OSRS

Slayer OSRS is one of the most important skills in the game. It allows you to kill monsters like the wyrm osrs that are otherwise immune to damage. Completing slayer tasks is a great way to train combat skills because you still get combat xp while you’re fighting the monsters. It’s also really profitable – the high-level slayer monsters drop many rare and valuable items.

How to train slayer? There are two answers to this question. The longer and more difficult one is: check out here the best way to train slayer fast and efficiently and get a 99! The short and easier one is: click here and let a professional OSRS player train your account for you.

If you want to train slayer on your own, you probably already know you get slayer points by completing tasks that are assigned to you by a slayer master. There are various monsters you would have to kill and each kind has its own specifications and weaknesses. It’s good to know more about them so you know what’s the most efficient way to deal with them. We’re going to talk in this article about Wyrm OSRS and Ancient Wyvern OSRS and give you more information on the topic.


Wyrms are draconic creatures – this means they are not fully considered dragons but they are weak to the effect of dragonbane weapons, except for Zulrah. They don’t breathe fire like dragons, but they can have some similar attacks. Wyrms were said to be capable of destroying cities and armies but they slowly disappeared because of their involvement in the God Wars. The wyrms you can see now are a recreation made by an unnamed Dragonkin.

You can find them in the lower level of Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Karuulm Slayer Dungeon is located right beneath Mount Karuulm which is just west of Lovakengj. You can get there easily via command c•i•r on the fairy ring and a short walk north, or by going to the Farming Guild with the Skills necklace – this is just southwest of Mount Karuulm.

There is only one requirement for killing wyrms – you need to have level 62 slayer.

The wyrms are located in a volcano, so you must wear the boots of stone, boots of brimstone or granite boots to protect your feet from the heat in the dungeon. If you have completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary you can wear any type of footwear without getting burned. Fortunately, as wyrms don’t breathe fire, you don’t have to wear any form of dragonfire protection.

How do the wyrms attack? When you first see them, they will be slithering close to the ground but once you attack them they’re gonna levitate off the floor and attack you. They use Melee and Magic attacks but if you attack them from a distance they can only use a magic attack on you. Their max hit is 13.

That’s why Ranged attacks work very well on them as long as you’re using some kind of magic protection like Protect from Magic or armor that has high magic defence such as dragonhide. If you have 70+ Defence, it’s okay to simply go with some food and Karil’s armor.

A good strategy to safespot wyrm OSRS is to jump over to the second island and use the path to attack them with Ranged while they’re stuck on the corners.

wyrm osrs

Wyrms drop many valuable items and rare items. They are the only monster that drops the dragon sword and dragon harpoon and we all know these are some pretty good weapons. The dragon sword is the best shortsword along with the leaf-bladed sword.

They also drop things like dragon knife, dragon thrownaxe, runes, herbs, armors and weapons,  pure essence, seeds, and gems.

Killing a wyrm OSRS costs 4647 coins on average if you’re not on a slayer task to kill it, and 5080 coins if you are on a wyrm assignment.

Ancient Wyvern OSRS

wyrm osrs

Ancient Wyverns are monsters that require a level of 82 slayer to be killed. Just like the other wyverns, they require you to equip an elemental, dragonfire, mind or ancient wyvern shield to slay them.

You can find Ancient Wyverns in the Wyvern Cave on Fossil Island. There are two different wyvern caves – one of them is accessible for players that want to kill wyverns freely, and one is specifically for those that are assigned a Slayer task for Fossil Island wyverns. To access the cave that is designed for players with tasks, go through the trapdoor in the Mushroom forest. For the regular cave, go south of the Museum Camp.

Ancient Wyverns are the strongest species of wyvern on OSRS and are harder to fight than the rest of them. On top of it all, Ancient Wyverns can use a Ranged attack that can’t be blocked. It looks like a lighter colored Water Blast and can be used by Taloned Wyverns too. The attack ignores Protection prayers and hits around 10 but sometimes it misses.

The Ancient Wyverns’ best hit is 16 if they are using Melee attacks, 10 if they are using typeless Ranged, and 44 if they are using Icy breath.

It’s best to use the highest defensive armor you can get when you’re fighting them.

Among their drops, we can find stuff like air battlestaff, mystic air staff, rune pickaxe, granite boots, other weapons and armors, runes, herbs, seeds, materials, fossils, and others. There is one particularly rare item Ancient Wyverns can drop – that’s the Wyvern Visage OSRS.

Wyvern Visage OSRS

wyrm osrs

This is a very rare drop you can get from wyverns located in the Wyvern Cave. Skeletal Wyverns don’t drop it and give you draconic visage instead. The highest chance to receive this drop is by Ancient Wyverns.

The Wyvern Visage is used to create the ancient wyvern shield which is one of the best Magic shields in the game. If you have level 66 Magic and level 66 Smithing, you can use it on the northern strange machine in the House on the Hill. You must have a hammer and an elemental shield in the inventory.

Creating the shield will grant you 2000 xp in Smithing and Magic but it will also drain your magic level completely.

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