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In this category you can find useful how-to tips & tricks and advice about the Old School RS, RS3, and OSRS Mobile.

partyhat osrs

Special Events

RuneScape is known for its Special events. From bunny ears, strange ships as well as scarfs and costumes. Evidently, The most valuable event in RuneScape were the first one’s that brought partyhats. Some of them are valued for over 10billion runescape gold. Most of the… Read More »Special Events

First And Most Famous RS NPC

RuneScape game is populated with many non-player characters (NPC’s). They are not controlled by a player, but by a computer, and have pre-defined functions, such as store owners, quest contacts, bankers or civilians. Many non-player characters perform other vital duties like give out quests, sell… Read More »First And Most Famous RS NPC

Top 3 Most Rewarded RS Quests

Each RuneScape quest consists of several linked tasks within a common story-line. Some RuneScape quests take minutes, others – hours and even days. By completing different quests the player gets various rewards – experience, items, access to new areas, minigames or miniquests. In 2018 the… Read More »Top 3 Most Rewarded RS Quests