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TOP 10 Most Expensive Skills on OSRS

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We all love to get 99s on our OSRS accounts, especially on the skills that are considered difficult, but let’s face the facts – we don’t always have the nerve and time to endure the grind. And time and nerve is not the only problem here. Some of the skills on OSRS can be pretty damn expensive to train. If you don’t have a lot of OSRS gold, it can be almost impossible to get a 99 in some of them – or even a 90. However, if you got your eyes on a skill that requires a lot of OSRS gold and you don’t have much OSRS gold, you still have three ways to deal with your problem. 

OSRS Skills

In case of wanting to train a high level on an expensive OSRS skill but having no OSRS gold to support your grind, you can do one of the following:

1. Find a cheaper training method which will take longer than the expensive one and be less afkable and more annoying. 

2. Buy OSRS gold right here.

3. Pay a trained professional to train your account for you.

That being said, let’s review a list of the TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE OSRS SKILLS, so you can know which ones you should buy OSRS gold for, if you want to train them yourself in an efficient and quick manner. The list is based on the fastest and most XP efficient way of training.


 • NUMBER 10 : Cooking OSRS

Cooking OSRS lets you prepare raw food in order to eat it and heal your hitpoints. What you do is basically use raw food that can be cooked on a range or fire and get XP. However, food burns sometimes, depending on your level and where you’re training, and you can’t eat it. In order to cook something, you have to buy it first, which is what makes Cooking OSRS expensive. To save some money while training this skill it’s best to do it after or during training Fishing OSRS, so you can cook the fish you catch. However, if you want to get your Cooking OSRS 99 fast and efficient and not spend decades on it, your best option is to do what most players do – buy OSRS gold and get some raw food on the Grand Exchange with it. 

One of the best ways to train Cooking Guide OSRS during the early levels is through Gnome cooking, which requires many unusual ingredients so you need some OSRS gold to provide them. If you want to get to Cooking 99 though, one of the best price/xp per hour ratio is making wine. You get 400k+ xp/hour if you’re doing it properly. In order to do it properly though, you need a lot of OSRS gold. It’s the most costly Cooking OSRS training method and it’s accessible for free-to-play too. So don’t waste your time and buy OSRS gold!

• NUMBER 9 : Smithing OSRS

Smithing OSRS is usually trained along with Mining OSRS, so you can turn the ores you mine into useful items. Basically, the skill is about producing metal things from ore and metal bars by smelting them at furnaces and hammering them into items at anvils. However, the fastest way to getting a 99 in Smithing – or from training to any level after 40 – is by smelting gold bars in the Blast Furnace. You gain up to 380k xp per hour but the gold ores are expensive and you need a lot of OSRS gold. If you’re under level 60, you also have to pay a small fee every ten minutes to the Blast Furnace Foreman in order to get access to the furnace. For max xp, you also need stamina potions which come at a price. That’s why training Smithing efficiently is expensive and you’re going to need to buy OSRS gold in order to make it happen.

 • NUMBER 8: Fletching

Fletching OSRS allows you to create different kinds of ranged weapons and ammunition. It’s quite useful if you want to train Ranged OSRS or participate in combat with the Ranged skill. It also provides materials for High Alchemy, which is the most common Magic OSRS training method. You can train without losing money at a higher level, but it will be way slower than if you buy OSRS gold and put in a decent amount of working capital in your training. 

The fastest way to train Fletching – and let me tell you it’s literally a zero time method, because it’s passive and you can do other activities in the meantime, such as train Agility or complete some quests, is by fletching darts. It requires basically two clicks in order to fletch a set of darts and doesn’t interrupt movement. Dart tips have a high supply on the Grand Exchange, but fletching them comes at a high cost so you need a lot of OSRS gold to supply all of the dart tips and feathers this training requires. If you want to train Fletching OSRS, don’t hesitate and buy OSRS gold now!

 • NUMBER 7 : Magic

Magic OSRS is one of the three combat classes in the game and it’s extremely important. You use it in combat, it lets you enchant crafted items, teleport quickly around the world and convert items into coins via High Level Alchemy. So this makes it one of the largest source of coins in OSRS. Consider spending a lot of OSRS gold on training it to a high level as an investment in your future earnings on the game. 

Training to level 55, so High Level Alchemy becomes accessible, can be pretty cheap if you use the Runecraft skill to make air and mind runes. However, this can be really slow. If you would rather spend OSRS gold than spend your day making runes, you can buy your runes instead! If you buy OSRS gold in considerable amounts, you can get chaos runes and train really, really fast. 

Ancient Magicks is one of the quickest way to train Magic, yet also one of the most expensive. Buy OSRS gold and get your Magic OSRS 99 quick and easy! A cheaper approach is by training in the Nightmare zone but after an update gaining xp this way is severely mitigated. 

 • NUMBER 6 : Firemaking

Firemaking OSRS is mostly used to light fires – also it gives you the ability to cook on the spot. A certain Firemaking level is required by many quests that have good rewards, such as Recipe for Disaster and Desert Treasure. There are also many minigames that are Firemaking-oriented and provide great rewards. The Firemaking skill can be actually profitable if you chop your own logs via Woodcutting OSRS or just by buying cheaper logs, and also by selling your ashes – people buy them because they’re a required ingredient to make the serum 207 potion which is used for power training Herblore. However, this takes quite a long time and can get pretty tedious. 

The best way to get fast and good Firemaking xp is by burning the most expensive logs available. To get quickly to 99, you can buy OSRS gold and burn yew logs which come at a considerably high price compared to training by burning maple or willow logs, but also provides way better xp. You receive 202.5 xp per log compared to 90 xp/log when burning willow logs! OSRS gold really makes wonders when it comes to training fast and efficient.

 • NUMBER 5 : Crafting OSRS

If you want to create some high-level armour or jewellery, Crafting OSRS is the skill you need to train. It allows you to make many valuable items which you can use or trade. However, training it efficiently costs money and requires a lot of OSRS gold to get you all the supplies that you need. There are some relatively cheap ways to train Crafting OSRS, especially comparing it to skills such as Herblore OSRS or Construction OSRS, but if you want to get a high level fast, you need to buy OSRS gold to get you going. 

From level 20 up to 54, the fastest and most efficient way to train Crafting OSRS is by cutting gems. This provides amazing xp/h but it is highly expensive. It’s also the fastest method to level 77 Crafting, but diamonds and dragonstones have an extremely high cost, so if you’re not ready to buy OSRS gold at huge quantities, you might want to switch to making D’hide bodies. Crafting the red and black ones comes at a high price too so you will need to get some of that OSRS gold.

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• NUMBER 4 : Farming OSRS

Farming OSRS is basically about growing crops and harvesting items from them or harvesting the plant itself. You can grow all sorts of veggies, fruit trees, herbs and hops, as well as more exotic plants like cacti, mushrooms and trees for wood. The harvest can be used in many ways, most commonly as food or to train Herblore or Cooking. Here is the thing though: the cheap ways to train Farming OSRS are tedious and slow, and the fast ones..well, they cost a lot of OSRS gold. 

One of the fastest way to train is by planting bagged plants in your own house. That costs ways more OSRS gold than planting seeds though. And it’s still not the most efficient way to train Farming OSRS! The best Farming xp per hour is by doing tree runs. It’s very easy since you can only do 1 or 2 tree runs per day and it provides the highest possible xp rate, but it’s quite costly so you might want to buy OSRS gold in order to keep up.

• NUMBER 3: Herblore OSRS

Herblore OSRS is what you need to train if you want to make your own potions from herbs and secondary ingredients. Pots have a large variety of effects but most of them give you temporary skill boosts or affect your status in a positive way, such as anti-poison potions. 

The most common and efficient way of training Herblore OSRS is by making potions. The usual way is to buy ingredients from the Grand Exchange and mix them in order to get your xp. However, this is extremely costly and requires a lot of OSRS gold to get the supplies you need. If you want to get your 99 fast, you must make the potions that offer the highest xp rate and to do that, you will need to buy OSRS gold. 

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• NUMBER 2: Construction

Ah yes, Construction OSRS. Arguably one of the most tedious skills to train in the game. However, it’s quie useful as it allows you to build your own house and provide furniture for it. To train quickly and efficiently, you need to have a lot of spare OSRS gold in order to buy a large number of planks. It’s a very costly skill and even the slower ways to train it require plenty of OSRS gold. 

The fastest way to get a 99 in Construction OSRS is by making mahogany tables. Each of them grants you 840 xp and if you use a demon butler, this method provides from 600k to 900k xp/h. Mahogany is expensive though, so it’s best to buy OSRS gold before you start training.

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• NUMBER 1: Prayer OSRS

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Prayer OSRS is the most expensive skill in the game.  It’s a very useful combat skill you train by burying bones or using them on an altar or…well, praying, or killing reanimated monsters. There are many different ways to train it, apparently, but they all have one in common – they require a lot of OSRS gold. Prayer OSRS is a very important skill to have though – at least until level 43 so you can use protection prayers or level 70 so you can get Piety. 

The bones you need in order to train efficiently are expensive and you need a lot of them. So it’s best to buy OSRS gold and enjoy the game better with your newly achieved level 99 in Prayer!

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