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But Why Buy OSRS Accounts From Us?

Well, you are in luck because we have exactly what you are looking for!
We at Crazy.Gold offer you an abundance of different types of osrs accounts, ranging from various kinds of osrs pures to zerkers, osrs mains, obby maulers and skillers!

If you are searching to buy an OSRS account, then this probably isn’t your first rodeo, you know how long it takes to skill up an account, the long repetitive hours of the same old grind. Now you don’t need to think about that anymore, we offer you a product that is ready for use!

Choose any of the accounts bellow, our selection includes a diverse choice of 1 def pures, perfect for anyone in the pk-ing community or our varied types of mains that we have, for the casual player who wants to enjoy different parts of the game. Our accounts can be classified mostly as starter accounts, where the redundant grind for combat stats is already done and you can build on top of that, anyway you like to! Of course we have some account that we have focused more of our time on and are skilled up and quested to a certain level.

But Why Buy OSRS Accounts From Us?

Unlike most people who sell osrs accounts, we train and skill up our osrs accounts, only and only by hand!
We have a team of employees that are all on legal working contract and work from location, they are handed with the task of leveling our osrs accounts to the correct stats, the leveling process is monitored entirely through out until the end. We don’t use AHK, Macroing Programs (Bots) or even third party clients like RuneLite or OSBuddy, we only train our accounts on the original client and only by hand!
Furthermore our accounts don’t have recoveries and we have never had a case of an account being recovered that was sold by us! When you buy an osrs account from us, you get all the required information for that account, ISP, Creation Date, Country of Origin etc.

So stop wasting your time, literally, buy your osrs account today, with the account purchase you get a discount for powerleveling on the same account, if you would like to build on top of the account, may be more combat stats, skills or quests, you will get a 20 to 25% discount for it, if you do it through us.
Also, if we don’t have in stock an account that you liked, you can backorder that osrs account and get a 10 to 15% discount from its price. You can also ask our livechat for discounts to buy osrs gold!